Feeling helpless in Berryville

8 Nov

Was trying to think how long I’ve been here. I think I flew in a week ago last Monday, so almost 2 weeks. I did take a 3 day break and drove to Lake Wabaunsee to meet up with Denny and the puppies. It was great to see them, even if it was a short visit. Denny brought me a tub of clothes and another tub of material and my sewing machine. Still not sure how long I will be here, but Mom should be able to go to rehab Tuesday or Wednesday for awhile. Then, the next step will be if she gets to go back to her assisted living or a nursing home. That will be quite the quandary when we approach that step. Today, I’m back to being a little weepy, frustrated, and a little mad. If I could stop hearing the word “Xanax” several times a day, I would be much happier. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen. Apparently that is THE DRUG of the elderly and it is widely prescribed. I have written another blog about that, but not posting it yet.
Mom has improved to the point that she is off of oxygen, using a walker to go to the restroom, and getting dressed. We feel she still needs to have some additional rehab so she will go to Brighton in Eureka Springs next week for awhile. Worst effect from heart attack is when she gets out of breath so much quicker. They did say that wouldn’t really get better, but she will need to learn how to judge her activities so she’ll know when to rest. She is eating more and actually gaining weight because she is eating “parade food”. Actually it’s pureed, but when I say it everyone thinks I’m saying parade.
Soooooo, we’ll see how the next week goes.
I am going to try and do some sewing this weekend to rid myself of some of this frustration. Really hate that I am unable to help Denny with all that has to be done to close the park and all the work it takes to pack up the motorhome. He is also very upset with the contractor we hired to do our 2 new 50 amp sites. He isn’t showing up and we are really on a time frame to get it done. Contractors in La Veta are really a pain in the ass to work with. Luckily, after we get these 2 sites done, we won’t ever have to deal with them again since there are a couple of others we now know of that do show up and do good work. Back to Denny. He is going to try and leave next weekend and head for Llano, TX. It should be fun to stay at that campground again. It’s been awhile, but surprisingly we have been in contact with one couple all of these years and they are already there. I also have my cousin Diane nearby and my nephew Chris. And……there is a golf course that goes along with the campground. I still haven’t touched a golf club since last March. Great bicycling too. Could I actually get rid of the 5 inches of belly fat that flopped over the top of my pants today?????????
While in Kansas I went to Dr Galliano, my foot doctor. We discussed my feet and the ongoing pain. He thinks a lot of my problem is that I have been walking incorrectly for so long because of the pain, that I am causing a lot of the issues. Starting tomorrow I am going to do 6 days of prednisone and then he wants me to try Cymbalta for the nerve pain. Before I go on Cymbalta, I have to go off of my Effexor. I think I’ll wait a few weeks until we get Mom settled before I try that. Anyway, he didn’t use the word neuropathy but he does think these meds might give me some comfort. Also, I have to quit walking like a duck, (that’s what Mary and Denny say I look like when I walk), so I am consciously trying to walk with my feet straight and heel to toe. I’ve been doing that 2 days and the tops of my feet feel sprained, but the bottoms actually feel better. Also while in Kansas, had dinner with Torrie and Larry and Cinda and Lawrence. Nice way to spend a couple of evenings. Also had lunch with Judy and business meeting. A little price adjusting for the sites next year, but not much.
Getting ready to get settled into the bed chair that is in Mom’s room. It’s actually pretty comfortable. I’m hoping that I sleep somewhat. Usually its around 3am before Mom really settles down. There’s lots of pillow adjusting, and blanket adjusting and calls for bathroom assistance and of course, the Xanax and Tylenol call and another bathroom call, then things quiet down until around 8 am.
Nite Nite


2 Responses to “Feeling helpless in Berryville”

  1. Kathy 11/09/2013 at 6:41 am #

    Been thinking about you Bird, and wondering how your Mom was doing. Sorry for all the frustrations! Sending a big hug and lots of love. Take lots of deep breaths – and I am wishing you and your Mom better days!!

  2. Mitzi Keairns 11/09/2013 at 4:43 pm #

    Hang in there Ms. J-Bird! You are totally doing the right thing. I cherish the time I had with my daddy (and wish that I would have had more of a chance with my mom). It was never enough but I felt like I tried too…..just like you. Take care of yourself. You are in my thoughts often and I miss you! We will try to hook up with Denny before he leaves. Talk to you soon,

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