Mom update

3 Nov

I have my emotions intact and stayed with Mom last and will be here today. Still a little confused on how she is really doing  she is in swing bed today or tomorrow which means the dterminatiin will be made if she can go home or into a nursing home. That determination should be made in 7 to 10 days.  She is very sleepy and I feel like her confusion is increasing, but on the other hand she is aware of everything going on. She can eat and with assistance can go to the bathroom. She is doing some physical therapy, like taking a few steps with walker and getting up and down from chair. She does have pressure wound on left heel but they are keeping close eye on that so it doesnt get infected.
I will be going to Kansas on Tuesday and will be back here Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  Denny is bringing me my sewing machine and other items since I will probably be here awhile. He’ s made reservations in Llano TX at a campground. We have friends that stay there and there is a golf course and it is fun to bicycle there. He’ll head that way around Nov 15.
The trees are spectacular here and they are beginning to fall off the trees.
For those of you who know how much I love my rare steaks, I believe that my stomach is not going to let me eat them much.  Beef seems to be giving painful tummy.
I had Denny buy me all the pumpkin cake mixes at Vitamin Cottage to bring me  🙂  I have lost a couple of pounds. I weighed 158 yesterday.
Denny says Meeko is driving him crazy. When one of is gone he gets totally stressed out and follows us everywhere and then when we sit down, you must pet him constantly!  It will good to them all this week.
Thats it for now. Downloaded the Johnny Carson biography last night annnnnnddddddd Pet Rescue. Thats probably a mistake but hospital stays need entertainment.


One Response to “Mom update”

  1. Erin 11/03/2013 at 10:33 am #

    Thinking of you Jay. Times like these are so confusing. The not knowing what’s really happening and how they are really doing. It sounds as if she’s doing some things well, however, and it’s possible some of the confusion could be from medication. Just a thought based on past experience on our end. Love you and thinking about you. Tell Denny hi for me. Take care of yourself, my friend.

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