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Thursday October 9 or 10th I dont know

10 Oct

I cannot find the apostrophe key.
We just returned from Nancys choir practice at the American Cathedral. It was such beautiful music and they were practicing the Messiah.
We had quite the day. Headed out on our own to go to L Orange for the Frida Kahlo exhibition. Unfortunately it was at least a 2 hr wait. Very sad about that, but….we were not deterred. Off we went for our solo metro trip to the Sacre de Coer, a beautiful old catholic church. It is also close to the Monmarte Artists. I purchased a beautiful colorful painting of the Eiffel Tower. It will look beautiful in my office. It was quite the zoo up there. Lots of tents going up for a wine festival. I cant imagine how crowded it will be because it is so narrow. Thankfully they have a little tram that takes you up to the church now. It is 200 steps to the top. We also shopped for fabric at the Marche St. Pierre. I bought 3 bright fabrics for extremely cheap prices. That is the only cheap thing I have come across. It was a huge fabric area. Then as we walked to the cafe; it began to rain and I was able to open up my Van Gogh umbrella. Had the most wonderful leg of lamb slice and potatoes. After lunch we were off to the next metro ride. We made it home safe and sound without being lost. I love traveling around on mass transit.
Also I have not used my cellphone all week. Its really nice to be running around checking it and worrying about if it is charged up enough.
I did have a weird guy bug me and I finally just told him No Merci.
I think we walked about 5 miles today. The feet are sucking pretty bad but I just take some pills
and keep going.
Denny said the rv park is totally empty but we do have a small group coming in tomorrow.
We are getting up early tomorrow and catching a train to Bayieux which is close to Normandy. The cemetary is closed due to the government shutdown.
Weather due to be very rainy and in the 50s tomorrow.
Had the BEST tart au pomme today that I ever have had. I am already obsessing about if I can go to the same place and get another before we leave.
Thats it for now. Also wondering how much weight I have put on. AU Revois

Wednesday, October 9

9 Oct

Just returned from a pastry class at the Cordon Bleu. It was such a wonderful experience. The chef, who was sooooo handsome, made a tart with a pie crust, a short cake inside and a creamy meringue on the top. It was so delicious and entertaining.
So far we have seen the Musee de Orsay, Eiffel Tower tour, a fashion show, rode the train by ourselves, hot cocoa at Angelinas, Bon Marche, lots of walking around the city, Notre Dame, an elegant dinner party that Neil and Nancy put on last night, visits to patisseries. My feet were very sore today and it was hard to keep up. The weather was perfect yesterday; rainy and chillier today; colder tomorrow which cancelled out our train trip to Versailles.
Somehow I managed to lose my makeup bag. First thing I did was to a pharmacie. I also lost Nancys umbrella yesterday so replaced it today. I have spent more money on crazy things
Have found some fun gifts.
Hope to see the Freida Kahlo show tomorrow, get a francais manicure, go to Nancys chorale rehearsal.
There are gypsies here that pester the tourists
Generally the french people are very nice, but they are rude when it comes to manners like opening doors and walking in before women
Love all the fresh food
Zillions of people in town
Think I need to bring my artist friend to Paris and hang out in the art district for a week
I have gone all week without tv
Time to head to bed I sleep like a log
Hope to buy some beautiful material tomorrow

Paris, France October 6 2013

8 Oct

Sunday, October 6 Margie is getting an up close and personal idea of how it is to travel with the JBIRD.
Mitzi drove me to the train on Friday afternoon. After the ritual dinner at Wonderful House, we waited for over an hour for the train since it was late. It was a fairly uneventful ride except for the lady I sat next too smelled like pee. Yech. Margie and Bob picked me up at 6 15 am. (A heads up, I am typing this on a french keyboard and you need to shift up for numbers and periods and it is very confusing)
After a wonderful breakfast with Margie’s son, brother and his wife at Milton’s in Lawrence. By the way, that’s a great place to eat. Then it was time to get organized for Billie to pick us up. We arrived at the airport by 1 30 pm. We boarded the plane at 3 05 and then sat on the runway until 6 45. We were delayed due to bad weather in Chicago. This in turn made us miss all possible flights going out that night to Paris. Sooooo…….off we go to Plan B which was quite the ordeal. First we had to get flights for the next day at 6 pm. Then we spent the next 3 hrs trying to get our luggage. We did get a reservation for a motel room but we had to pay for it. (Note: Airlines do not pay for rooms from weather related delays.)
Then we had to wait for the shuttle which we began at 10:30. Finally we were on our way to Howard Johnsons at 11:30. Once we were in the lobby we were shocked to see a long line waiting to get checked in. Shit!!!
An hour and a half later we finally got into our room. We were soooo tired I only checked under the mattress for bedbugs and the mattress freaked me out so I just turned out the lights and slept til 9. My sister Jolene and Bob picked us up for a wonderful brunch. Unfortunately as I began eating, I began to feel really bad. So bad that I took a trip to the emergency room with a tight throat and painful tummy. Since I was waiting so long I told Margie to go on to airport and that I would come to Paris
the next day. So off she went to airport with Bob. Soon after the doctor came in he told me that I had a bad case of acid reflux. He gave me a mixture of maalox and lidocaine and a pain pill and sent me on the way. I called Margie and a taxi and thankfully the plane was delayed an hour. aT 7:10 we were finally on our way. Nancy, Margies cousin, picked us up. We are staying with her and her husband Neil in a beautiful apartment right across from Eiffel Tower.
More later.

Jam packed couple of days

3 Oct

Figured I would blog since I won’t be able to until I return back from Paris. It seems surreal that I am heading there in a couple of days..
Had a wonderful surprise, our friends from the Queen Charlottes Islands and Bisbee came in last night. Mike and Laura. They are on their way to Naco and came through. They are playing golf with Denny this morning and then will head out this afternoon. We’ve had a fun month of friends dropping in. Randall and Bonnie stopped by to use the bathroom on their way back to Kansas and ended up spending the night. Our neighbor at the lake, Judy, bought a used 38 ft motorhome and hopped in it and is driving cross country. She stopped by for a visit and a windhshield wiper repair. Last week I saw this guy coming up the entrance ramp and I thought that he looked like a Copeland from Topeka and sure enough it was. He was on his way back to Kansas and had heard we had a place here. This weekend Bruce from the Harley store is staying a couple of nights. Love having friends come through.
We have 38 campers checking in the next 2 days. Hopefully most of them will be here before I head to the train tomorrow afternoon. That will take a lot of pressure off of Denny.
I also need to finish 5 sets of micro bowl holders, hopefully today. I still have several orders. If you are one who has an order for them, don’t despair, I will have them finished by the end of October. Thanks for your patience. I just had no idea the number of orders I would have. I also don’t have my work crew around to help with the trimming and turning them inside out. (Miss you Gayle and Mary :))
Then, tonight I hope to get to serious packing. I have leggings and black jeans, birkenstocks, some yummy new tops, shawls, and a jacket. The weather looks like it will be in the 60’s which will be perfect. The government shutdown has messed up our train trip of Normandy and the cemetery but there will be other sites we can go to. I hope the shut down is over soon. I can’t imagine all the people who are affected. Hooray for some of the members of Congress for forgoing their pay. Maybe some of them do have a conscience.
Still thinking a lot about Juli. I’m going to take her picture with me to Paris and let her travel around with me.
Time to get going for the day. I bid adieu until I return. Bon Voyage.

Entering our last month as RV park owners

1 Oct

juli's rainbow

kids at funeral

It’s been quite an emotional last week and a half. Juli’s funeral was beautiful. Her church was wonderful to the family. Juli’s husband Doug has done a wonderful job with Jonathon and Lacey. Their school is prepared to help them through this difficult time. Of course, it was heartbreaking to know how much they will miss their Mommy, but how wonderful that they also have a loving home which might have not been the case had Doug and Juli not adopted them. Most of the family was able to fly in for the weekend. We were able to be together most of the time. Thank you everyone for your prayers during the past year. As you can see from the photo of the rainbow, Juli is in heaven and was sending us all a message. It was a weird rainbow. It had only rained a little bit and it wasn’t like it was all thunderstormy. We walked out of our motel rooms by the lake and there was this full rainbow to greet us. Wow. Marjorie, Juli’s aunt, was getting on the airplane Sunday afternoon and was thinking how much she would have liked to see a rainbow because she missed the one on Saturday As the plane was flying up in the clouds, here came a rainbow. She said they were so close to it that she felt like she could touch it. They were actually flying above it. I know it all sounds a little hokey, but…..I feel it is powerful and a strong message from Juli that her beliefs were true and she is in Jesus’s arms and feeling no pain. The other photo is of all the little cousins that came. Lacey and Jonathon were able to be with them the whole weekend. Life does go on.
On Saturday afternoon, Billie, Marjorie and I were able to drive over to the beach in Melbourne for a little sand walking. Marjorie and I go back to when we were 10 and 11. We used to spend weekends with Judy and Jack when she lived in Kansas City. We were able to sit on the sand and talk. I was FINALLY able to let go of some thoughts and feelings that were uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if that was going to be able to happen. But thank you Marjorie for listening. She has a very calming effect on me. She is very soft spoken (I wonder what that is like?).
Now…I am back in Colorado and can’t believe it is October 1. Another calendar page ripped off. It is sunny, cool and the yellow is beginning to show up on the mountains with the changing of the aspens. It’s a little slow this year because I guess it has to freeze to get things going. Denny is busy picking up limbs and hauling them to the dump. We were hoping to have a burn pile but the town says no way. We are also getting ready to start building to more sites along the river and they will be 50 amps. That is exciting. The park is really empty now. We have 2 seasonals left. We are in for a big weekend and the park will be full for about 3 days. Luckily, I will be here for most of the check ins that will come in on Friday. Denny will be making chili for about 70 people on Saturday. We have a group of 17 rv’s coming in. This is Oktoberfest weekend. The town blocks the downtown streets all day. There are vendors, a beer garden and entertainment. It’s always a good day unless the weather is really crappy.
Beginning to think about what I need to pack for my upcoming Paris trip which begins Saturday. I’m taking the train Friday night to Lawrence, KS. My friend Margie will pick me up and then that afternoon, Billie is taking us to the airport where we will leave at 3:45. We have quite the itinerary with Eiffel tower tour, a train trip, a Cordon Bleu cooking class and several other little trips around the city. The weather looks like it will be in the 60’s and lows in the 50’s so I’m hoping to pack smartly with outfits that layer up. I also have 2 pair of comfy shoes. Trying to decide about having assistance at the airports when we have to go through customs. Feet are feeling better but if I have to stand in long lines they could get pretty achy. Birkenstocks, birkenstocks…the best shoe so far for the feet. I bought a new pair of regular birk shoes that lace up and a pair of strap sandals that have cushion on the toes and heels.
Getting foot massage today. Have a poker game Wednesday night. Lunch with Mitzi Thursday. It’s nice to be able to get out and about.
Random thoughts:
I think that airlines should charge the people who carry on the $25 charge and let the check-ins go free.
Car rental places are evil. I thought I was being given a nice deal from Alamo. I had rented a mini van and the guy asked if I was sure that was big enough. He said they had a special on SUV’s that day. I said I may need bigger since we had family members coming in for the funeral. He went and asked (supposedly) if I could get the SUV cheaper. He came back and said I could have it for $39 a day. When it was all calculated, the bill came to $262. I didn’t question because I just didn’t. When John and I went back to Alamo the next day to get his name on it, I questioned about the cost. The man said that the $39 was an upgrade to my mini-van. I said I wasn’t told that. He just shook his head proceeded to charge us another $140. Whoa. John talked to them about the issue on Monday and it looks like we may get $120 back. We’ll see. Now that I’ve written this I think I’m giving them a call right now.
United Airlines has the best airplane, at least what I flew on. Lots of leg room.