Berryville, ARK Day 4

31 Oct



Couldn’ t resist photos of freshly groomed Jumper and Meeko.
Just finished getting Mom settled in bed for the night.  It was quite a day. This morning I thought this may be her last. Her breathing was so labored and wheezing.  Jolene had a very long night with her because she couldn’t get comfortable. The hip that she laid on the floor for so long us very sore. (Hope to deal with that issue tomorrow)  She had ekg and chest xray and it was apparent that she had lots of fluid around her lungs and heart. The dictor ordered some lasix and she spent rest of the afternoon getting rid of a lot of fluid. She sounds much better.  Not quite out of the woods but its nice to feel like shes not struggling.
Denny is still trying to get campground shut down for the winter. We are going to meet up at Lake Wabaunsee on Tuesday. He also has to winterize the lake.  We have lowered the lake house price considerably.  Pontoon boat, new boat dock and deck, double car garage with studio and half bath, rv port with full hookups, new addition with picture windows facing lake, fenced in yard, 2 br and 1 1/2 baths.  Let me know if interested.
I’ll spend a couple of days in KS and then come back here indefinitely.
The trees are beautiful here right now.  Seems a little late but maybe thats normal here.
Not sure how my weight loss is doing, but I do know I’m not snacking. Thats got to help some. Still dealing with acid reflux or gall bladder stuff. There’s times in the middle of the night that I think I’m going to run over to the emergency room here. Living on prilosex, pepsid and liquid antacid.  Yech
Really enjoyed seeing KC this week and I hope we can begin having a relationship again.
Going to try and snooze before Mom might need something.


One Response to “Berryville, ARK Day 4”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 11/03/2013 at 8:43 pm #

    Sometimes something good comes from something bad. I am glad that you got to talk with KC again. It would be so good if you could work out some kind of a relationship again. Life is too short for fighting and holding grudges (not that you do) but sometimes we moms have to give a lot more than we get. I am so glad to have my Casey back after a rocky time for us. It feels good.

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