Friday October 11 Big Day

11 Oct

We were up early to take train to Bayeux: Our first stop was the Bayeux Tapestry which was beautiful: It was sewn in just after Norman Invasion in the Battle of Hastings. Thzy embroidered the tapestry to tell the story of the war so that even the people who couldnt read would know the story. I actually bought a little embroidery kit of one part of the tapestry. Cant wait to do it. Also visited another cathedral. After a yummy lunch of grilled steak, very thin, french fries and apple pie with ice cream. Then off with small tour to go to the WWII beaches. Omaha and Pointe udu Hoc The tour guide was wonderful and I really want to read D Day by Bevor. After tour we had a crepe with cream potatoes bacon and onions Yummy Train ride home Tomorrow we will try to finish up what we thought we missed. Fabulous trip
Weather was rainy and cold and windy. Once again I was able to use my Van Gogh umbrella Au Revois


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