Thursday October 9 or 10th I dont know

10 Oct

I cannot find the apostrophe key.
We just returned from Nancys choir practice at the American Cathedral. It was such beautiful music and they were practicing the Messiah.
We had quite the day. Headed out on our own to go to L Orange for the Frida Kahlo exhibition. Unfortunately it was at least a 2 hr wait. Very sad about that, but….we were not deterred. Off we went for our solo metro trip to the Sacre de Coer, a beautiful old catholic church. It is also close to the Monmarte Artists. I purchased a beautiful colorful painting of the Eiffel Tower. It will look beautiful in my office. It was quite the zoo up there. Lots of tents going up for a wine festival. I cant imagine how crowded it will be because it is so narrow. Thankfully they have a little tram that takes you up to the church now. It is 200 steps to the top. We also shopped for fabric at the Marche St. Pierre. I bought 3 bright fabrics for extremely cheap prices. That is the only cheap thing I have come across. It was a huge fabric area. Then as we walked to the cafe; it began to rain and I was able to open up my Van Gogh umbrella. Had the most wonderful leg of lamb slice and potatoes. After lunch we were off to the next metro ride. We made it home safe and sound without being lost. I love traveling around on mass transit.
Also I have not used my cellphone all week. Its really nice to be running around checking it and worrying about if it is charged up enough.
I did have a weird guy bug me and I finally just told him No Merci.
I think we walked about 5 miles today. The feet are sucking pretty bad but I just take some pills
and keep going.
Denny said the rv park is totally empty but we do have a small group coming in tomorrow.
We are getting up early tomorrow and catching a train to Bayieux which is close to Normandy. The cemetary is closed due to the government shutdown.
Weather due to be very rainy and in the 50s tomorrow.
Had the BEST tart au pomme today that I ever have had. I am already obsessing about if I can go to the same place and get another before we leave.
Thats it for now. Also wondering how much weight I have put on. AU Revois


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