Wednesday, October 9

9 Oct

Just returned from a pastry class at the Cordon Bleu. It was such a wonderful experience. The chef, who was sooooo handsome, made a tart with a pie crust, a short cake inside and a creamy meringue on the top. It was so delicious and entertaining.
So far we have seen the Musee de Orsay, Eiffel Tower tour, a fashion show, rode the train by ourselves, hot cocoa at Angelinas, Bon Marche, lots of walking around the city, Notre Dame, an elegant dinner party that Neil and Nancy put on last night, visits to patisseries. My feet were very sore today and it was hard to keep up. The weather was perfect yesterday; rainy and chillier today; colder tomorrow which cancelled out our train trip to Versailles.
Somehow I managed to lose my makeup bag. First thing I did was to a pharmacie. I also lost Nancys umbrella yesterday so replaced it today. I have spent more money on crazy things
Have found some fun gifts.
Hope to see the Freida Kahlo show tomorrow, get a francais manicure, go to Nancys chorale rehearsal.
There are gypsies here that pester the tourists
Generally the french people are very nice, but they are rude when it comes to manners like opening doors and walking in before women
Love all the fresh food
Zillions of people in town
Think I need to bring my artist friend to Paris and hang out in the art district for a week
I have gone all week without tv
Time to head to bed I sleep like a log
Hope to buy some beautiful material tomorrow


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