Paris, France October 6 2013

8 Oct

Sunday, October 6 Margie is getting an up close and personal idea of how it is to travel with the JBIRD.
Mitzi drove me to the train on Friday afternoon. After the ritual dinner at Wonderful House, we waited for over an hour for the train since it was late. It was a fairly uneventful ride except for the lady I sat next too smelled like pee. Yech. Margie and Bob picked me up at 6 15 am. (A heads up, I am typing this on a french keyboard and you need to shift up for numbers and periods and it is very confusing)
After a wonderful breakfast with Margie’s son, brother and his wife at Milton’s in Lawrence. By the way, that’s a great place to eat. Then it was time to get organized for Billie to pick us up. We arrived at the airport by 1 30 pm. We boarded the plane at 3 05 and then sat on the runway until 6 45. We were delayed due to bad weather in Chicago. This in turn made us miss all possible flights going out that night to Paris. Sooooo…….off we go to Plan B which was quite the ordeal. First we had to get flights for the next day at 6 pm. Then we spent the next 3 hrs trying to get our luggage. We did get a reservation for a motel room but we had to pay for it. (Note: Airlines do not pay for rooms from weather related delays.)
Then we had to wait for the shuttle which we began at 10:30. Finally we were on our way to Howard Johnsons at 11:30. Once we were in the lobby we were shocked to see a long line waiting to get checked in. Shit!!!
An hour and a half later we finally got into our room. We were soooo tired I only checked under the mattress for bedbugs and the mattress freaked me out so I just turned out the lights and slept til 9. My sister Jolene and Bob picked us up for a wonderful brunch. Unfortunately as I began eating, I began to feel really bad. So bad that I took a trip to the emergency room with a tight throat and painful tummy. Since I was waiting so long I told Margie to go on to airport and that I would come to Paris
the next day. So off she went to airport with Bob. Soon after the doctor came in he told me that I had a bad case of acid reflux. He gave me a mixture of maalox and lidocaine and a pain pill and sent me on the way. I called Margie and a taxi and thankfully the plane was delayed an hour. aT 7:10 we were finally on our way. Nancy, Margies cousin, picked us up. We are staying with her and her husband Neil in a beautiful apartment right across from Eiffel Tower.
More later.


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