Strange Bedfellows

24 Sep

juli's rainbows

Writing today very heavy hearted. Just was browsing Facebook and many of Juli’s cousins and family are posting photos of her when she was little, teenager, and now. Bittersweet. Juli is moving into a home today where she can be comfortable and in a little more relaxed setting. One thing that happened with Juli this past year was when she needed a message from God, a rainbow would appear. Usually it would happen after a scary moment with her illness. Last Tuesday was a traumatic day for her. After the procedure was done and she was back in her room, she looked out the window and there was this rainbow. Once again it was her message.
I spent last week with her and it was very special. Her sister Marjay and I both came in on Monday. We were able to spend some time with Juli that night. She was very happy to see her sister and they were able to spend a lot of time with each other. Marjay and I spent Tuesday watching Juli’s daughter Lacey which was great. She is such a little Huckleberry Finn girl. Always barefoot and loves lizards and can entertain herself for hours. I wish you could have seen her face when it was time when we could finally go see Mommy.
Now here comes the strange bedfellows part. Juli’s room was set up with her in the recliner and then there is a queen size bed in it. Since Marjay and her Dad had to leave Thursday, she spent Wednesday night with Juli and her dad. They slept in the same bed since they needed to get up and down a lot. On Friday, Juli’s twin brother John came in. He and I were on night duty that night. When we told Juli that he and Aunt Jay were going to sleep in the same bed that night, she just wasn’t too sure about that!!! We had duties of giving medicine and a little moving around at 11 pm and knew we were need to get up again at 3 am we decided to stay awake. So……we just laid in the bed and talked for hours. Then we were up with Juli until 4:30 am. I, of course, had come across a box of Jujubes at Walgreens and was munching on them during this time and dropping them on the floor etc. Juli heard us talking about them and she stuck out her hand. We gave her 1 orange one which is her aura color. (These were extremely soft ones and I wouldn’t have let her have a hard one. Only those who have eaten a jujube with me will understand this) She chewed and chewed on it. Saturday night, it was Judy and John in bed together which is weirder since that is Mother and son. Yesterday when I talked to Judy, she said that her ex husband Jack, Juli’s Dad, was there and also her husband Marvin. Marvin had decided he was going to spend the night at the clinic. Judy wasn’t sure where everyone was going to sleep and Judy said “I refuse to sleep with my husband and ex-husband in the same bed!!” I guess the staff was all over that.
SPECIAL MOMENTS: We snuck in bites of Panera’s cinnamon crunch and chocolate chip bagels with cream cheese so she could have yummy little bites. She would savor every little chew and say “mmmmmmm, that’s is soooo gooood”.
The place where Juli is staying is a holistic/juicing/natural eating place. day Judy asked me to take a drink of the green juice. I tasted it and it was actually pretty good, so I drank about a half of glass of it. Then Juli said, “Aunt J, drink the smoothy with me. So…I drank the smoothy and it was pretty darn good. Then I had to run some errands. By the time I got out of the clinic door, my arm started itching. As I was eating lunch, my legs began to feel funny. I’m thinking “uh,oh”. Off I went to Walgreens, and I was ripping open a box of benedryl before I even got to the counter. Saved once again by benedryl. I asked the juicing lady what the ingredients were that may have caused the reaction. We narrowed it down to……..hemp powder!!!
Juli loves having her feet and legs rubbed. She would say “that feeeeels sooooooo goooood”.
It was so sweet to see her with Marjay and John. She was so happy to see them. I think they had some good moments with each other.
Juli still has her big smile and her caring heart which shows through all the difficulty she is going through. She always worries about whoever is helping her out of the chair and would not let them help her if she knew they had back issues. She would always apologize for a little burp.
One day I was rubbing her feet and talking to Marjay and we were talking about my upcoming trip to Paris. Juli said “I want to go to Paris”. If I could, I would have changed places with her right then so she could go to Paris. We must treasure our days and opportunities.
As I was flying home, all of a sudden I was weepy and sitting in the middle seat. I don’t know why a conversation started with the lady sitting next to me but it turns out she was a hospice nurse! What a comforting lady she was as I talked about Juli and the week. Isn’t life sometimes just incredible?
Juli is moving into a home today where she can be in a more comfortable surrounding. Right now, Judy, Marvin and Jack will be there. My sister Jolene is flying in on Wednesday and Juli’s aunt Marjorie is flying in Thursday. They can all stay at the house. (Side note: Marjorie is Judy’s ex’s sister. Her name and my name were combined for Marjay’s name)
Trying to get my brain back into La Veta. Denny did a great job holding down the campground while I was gone. We are surprised that we do have quite a few still coming in. It’s a nice time to be here and there is a hint of the colors beginning to change. We also had a dusting of snow on the peaks. I am sitting my office bundled up with a little heater on. I love fall in Colorado.


3 Responses to “Strange Bedfellows”

  1. Kathy 09/24/2013 at 1:31 pm #

    Blessings to Juli! I’m so glad you had such quality time with her. And, I pray for peace and comfort for her – and for you, and all the family. It just is not fair – what a heart breaking. Wishing the best for her children. Hugs!

    • Larry 09/24/2013 at 2:59 pm #

      I hope Julie is getting some relief. I’m sure it meant so much to her to have you all there. L

  2. Margie Costello 09/25/2013 at 9:08 pm #

    Beautifully written J!
    See you soon, Margie (the other part of Marjay) also know as Sissy

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