Sunday, September 15, 2013

15 Sep

Just finished checking in 3 rv’s who are here for several days. At the first of the month, we thought it was going to be a rather slow month, but it has actually been rather busy. Definitely enough to pay the bills.
The last couple of weeks were busy. Gayle, Mary and I worked on some projects around the house. We unpacked the rest of the boxes. Still have lots of organizing to do, but for the most part, I feel pretty settled. Mary’s sister Jeannie and her husband came and stayed for a week. Mary and Gayle left this past Wednesday. It was hard to say goodbye to Mary. She was such a great help while she was here. Last Sunday night we had a potluck and she was able to say goodbye to the campers. We also invited several friends from town so it was a fun evening.
Have been able to do a little socializing. Played poker with my old poker group the other night. That was fun. Yesterday, Mitzi and I went to Pueblo to see “Insidious 2”. It was so-so. Not a lot of jumpy parts. Then we went shopping at Kohl’s. I needed a few things for the Paris trip. That is coming right up. Still trying to decide if I should request wheelchairs at the airports. After walking through Walmart last night, I may definitely do it. I do have some lace up ankle braces that help some. I am truly wondering what my future will be regarding my feet. I am now a full 2 years into this issue.
Still have some bears roaming around. Denny went out to shut the dumpster the other night and a bear jumped out of it!! That was scary. Photo of mama bear and one of her 2 cubs. One cub was black and one was brown. We can see them on the way up to Cuchara.
We have planted some new trees along our fence line sites. In a couple of years, there will be some nice shade on those sites too. It was cool, a man who lives up on Cordova Pass offered to bring some fir and pine trees this fall. So… I called him and here we are with new trees.
new trees
Heading out tomorrow for Sarasota, FL to be with my sister Judy and my niece Juli. Juli has had a tough go of it these last couple of weeks so my other neice Marjay and I will be down there this week to help out. Hopefully Judy can get some much needed rest. Many, many prayers needed for Juli’s to ease Juli’s pain and prayers that she can be comfortable.
That’s it for now. Trying to get things organized for Denny in the office. We have to leave here around 3:30 am to have me at the airport by 5:00 am.


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