August 21, 2013

21 Aug

Just finished a walk around the park. Some of the seasonals have left, but still have several around for a few weeks. Still have a drop in or 2 a night and we have lots of reservations coming in. It’s really a great time to be here weather wise.
Said good bye to Lawrence and Cinda this morning. They worked so hard while they were here. They both helped paint the inside of the game room and the outside. Cinda and Mary also did some work in the kitchen and it is such a nice place now. We did let them off for a train ride on Sunday which they really enjoyed. Such good friends we have.
Now…Mary and I are going to help Denny do some painting this morning. Of course, after I write my blog. : ) It’s a rather hard job because the paint is soaking into the cedar. It has been primed which helped some. Then Mary and I also hope to get some sewing done this afternoon since once again we have more orders for the famous Microwaveable Bowl Holders. Mary now even has her own little sewing machine, my Singer that I used to use.
Not a lot of exciting things happening except for Denny getting poked in the face by a bird that flew out of a birdhouse he was taking down off of the building. Did I mention that he was on top of an extension ladder????? How he remained on the ladder is a miracle. This is after he fell down a hole in the game room trying to fix a toilet!!! We are very lucky he isn’t seriously injured. Me, on the other hand gets injured getting a massage. For “havin’ sex”!. I have been having a weird sensation going up and down the right side of my back. It’s all squirmy feeling and ends up under my shoulder blade. I finally got an appointment with my favorite masseuse. Unfortunately I laid on my back too long so when I got off the table I could barely walk. Good Grief. I went back to her the next day and she put these burning incense like things in my back, it’s call Moxie, and that really helped stop some of the spasms. Yes, I am still a bit of a wuss even as a rv park owner. It may be the stress of the little issues I deal with everyday. Nothing major, but did have a run in with the seasonals this week which tweaked me some. Anyway, it is all okay, but it has been fun to fill up a 50 amp spot the minute a seasonal leaves. Apparently this park hasn’t been this full in years.
Denny and I attended the town board meeting last night to ask for some signage to help rver’s not take a wrong turn where they have to back up and get back on the highway. They were very cordial and didn’t seem have a problem with that at all. Now let’s see how long it takes.
Mary and I will be heading to Topeka next Tuesday. Then I will drive to Springfield to see Mom and take her to the doctor on the 29th. My sister Jolene will be there also. She may get to go home so Jolene will take her there. I will go back to Topeka for my physical and then Mary and I will head home on Saturday. Also, our friend Gayle is coming out too so that will be fun. I think that all of us can actually get a round of golf in that week after Labor Day. Our friend Julie is coming down to work while we are gone. Once again, can’t say enough about the support we have received this summer.
Juli is back on chemo in Sarasota. Her pain has increased but they are being diligent on their care and pain treatment. We all hate to know she is in pain, but her faith is pulling her through it and they hope it will begin subsiding as the chemo does it’s job. She likes where she is getting her treatment. Continued prayers needed for pain relief and healing please.
That’s it for now. I’m feeling guilty I am not out there painting, so off I go.


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