Longest day so far

10 Aug


zada jumpter
Photos: Zada with Jumper in her lap. He did a good job of greeting with her and Paul. They came by to have a beer with Denny, which he couldn’t do because of the toilet issue. The other photo is my new photograph that my friend Nancy took. It’s a pelican with fishing line tangled around him. The name of the photo is “Tangled”.
It is 11 pm my time and I am waiting for my last camper to come in for the night. Normally when we have someone coming in late, we just tell them the site number and then check them in the next day. This couple is nervous about backing in their 5th wheel in the dark, so I am staying up to help them. Very busy day with lots of bicyclists coming in for the Stonewall Century ride tomorrow. It looks like the weather is going to be nice for most of the day. We had a big rain yesterday and thought we would again today, but it skipped us. The river is once again flowing. I love the sound of it. We have 14 cyclists, many of them tenting or dry camping. We also have a many campers here for the Ricky Skaggs concert/train ride. Good weekend to be here.
Had quite the scare this morning when 2 couples came in with big rigs and I had them down for tomorrow night!!! Yikes. Luckily it worked out and I could still give them spots.
Just finished helping the couple back in their trailer. I’m sure I woke up a few people trying to guide them in. A little more difficult because it was a hitch trailer versus a 5th wheel. Mission accomplished.
Denny spent the entire day working on a toilet in the mens room. This morning it started flooding the men’s bathroom. It was a bad set up to begin with and got worse as he worked on it. I felt so helpless but he hung in there. Mary made him a wonderful dinner of meatloaf, sweet potatoes, zucchini cups, and pumpkin cake! Mary and I also cleaned the bathrooms tonight so he won’t have to do it in the morning. This was the absolutely worse day the bathrooms could act up because of all the tenters. We’ll cross our fingers that it is all okay.
We continue to work on the Club house. Denny has finished painting the walls, red/white and blue, and now we are ready to put up our own decorations and memorabilia. It will be really fun and we MUST have it done by this Tuesday for our Breakfast potluck.
We are excited because this week Lawrence and Cinda are coming to visit for a week. They are going to help out with a major painting project, painting the outside of the Game Room. Denny did buy a spray painting machine, so hopefully it won’t be too tedious. Also hope to paint the inside of the Game room also. Love getting everything brightened up.
We were able to put a whole lot of stuff in a garage sale that is tomorrow from what we took out of the Club house. May make a few bucks. Lots of western stuff, scarecrows, signs with sayings, etc.
Mary and I were talking tonight and who would have thought that the 2 of us would be cleaning the bathrooms of a campground when we were 60???? It seems surreal to me a lot of times. Mary has been such a blessing to have here and I really think we are going to miss her bunches when she leaves. As of now she will here until around Sept 10 or so.
Talk about surreal. Billie enrolled Elliott in ballet classes today. Billie was 3 when she started dancing and now I have a granddaughter dancing. Wow. I’m sure we’ll be making a trip to Topeka for a recital or maybe the Nutcracker???
My Mom called yesterday and she sounded really good. She is doing her therapy on her legs and is using a walker that has a seat and brakes on it. She said that the therapists were teaching her how to use it and she says it’s like learning to drive a motorcycle! Cracked me up. Juli is moving to Sarasota for a couple of months to get some major treatment for her cancer. It has spread and they must be as aggressive as they can be doing the alternative route. The doctor is actually letting Judy and Juli live in his house for the duration of what they are going to do. Pretty sweet doctor. Prayers, prayers, prayers please. She wants us all to stay positive and to trust her decisions. I can do that.
It’s almost midnight so time to go.


One Response to “Longest day so far”

  1. Erin 08/10/2013 at 8:39 am #

    I am sorry yesterday was such a long day for the two of you. But I also know that you will have done everything possible to take care of your campers. They are so lucky to have you both there. Give Denny a hug for me. Miss seeing both of your smiling faces. (I think of you guys every time I open a new box of tootsie pops) 🙂

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