Am I a male or female????

6 Aug

courtyardyelchairentry trellis
Photos of the now finished trellis. I love all the colors. I also love the two gliders, one being all iron that have been painted. We purchased some more iron outdoor furniture, a coal bin, an old hand plow, some milk jugs and iron wagon wheels. They’ll all fit around the park nicely.
Oh my gosh, Mary, Denny and I made a trip to Pueblo this evening. The main reason being to pick up some prescriptions at Walgreens. I now have a drug card, so I thought I would use it. It was taking a long time to get any answers regarding how much it was going to cost. Finally, the clerk said “there is a gender issue”. I said “What?”. Apparently the insurance company thinks I’m a male and I wouldn’t qualify for estrogen!!!!! The pharmacist actually called the company and they said they couldn’t override it, sooooo, I’ll be on the phone tomorrow to get things straightened out.
Had a good weekend. A full park. Several friends stopped in to say hi. We went to a memorial for a friend up in Stonewall on Saturday afternoon. I saw a bighorn sheep on the way up. A herd of elk running down the side of the mountain. The wildflowers-fireweed, groundsel, wildflowers, tansy’s, scarlet gilia, etc. were all in full bloom. When we arrived home we had a thunderstorm, then…there was the most magnificent rainbow with all the spectrums showing. Mary watched the desk for us which was great also.
Unfortunately, Monday I had one of those collapsing day. I woke up feeling fine and within an hour, I had a migraine, I was wonky, I couldn’t focus, so off I went to bed for about 4 hours. When I woke up, I felt better. Thankfully Mary didn’t have to work and once again could take care of the office. I got into one of those bad routines of eating way toooooo much sugar at night again. I’m back on the hormones since I had vicious hot flashes happening also. So all is well once again.
Another big weekend coming up.. It’s the 11th annual Century Ride on Saturday. We’ll have tent campers scattered all over the park which will be fun. An old acquaintance of Denny’s came in the park for a few days.
Our bear is hanging around the ol’ apple tree between the Game Room and Clubhouse. I haven’t seen him, but Denny has caught him snoozing back there.
Getting sleepy, so this is it for now.


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