August 1, 2013

1 Aug




Photos: The trellis is 1 of 3 pieces that I worked 3 days on painting the flowers. That project almost did my feet in since it required standing for hours. It will be at the entrance of the courtyard. The patio is located in the front of the Game Room. Billie worked hard rewrapping the lights and putting up the tarp. It really made the place a much better place to hang out in. We had a big group for our bonfire last Saturday night. Denny and I out for dinner tonight.
Another calendar page ripped off today. Three months of our owning an rv park over. What an adventure it has been. Never knew how much energy we could have doing this. Just home from a yummy dinner at Aly’s. We treated Diane, Terry and Mary to dinner there. It was a first for all of them and they all loved what they ate. It was also a farewell dinner to Terry and Diane. They are heading back to Lincoln. They have been on the road for a year and feel it is time to go back for awhile. They will be missed, both for their friendship and their very hard work. Mary will continue to be here for rest of the month. She is a hard worker too. She has tackled the Clubhouse and took everything off of the walls and actually primed 1 wall. We are preparing for Lawrence and Cinda who are coming out in a couple of weeks to do some painting.
Looks like we will again be full this weekend. Our campers have surpassed our goals of how many we were going to have. August looks to be a great month. I had 2 couples drop by today to book for next summer. Each for the month of July. Pretty exciting to have so many 2014 reservations already.
Still haven’t left the park much except for errands. We will spend a few hours up in Stonewall for Bob Campbell’s memorial service. The family is having it up at their cabin. Will be nice to see some friends and remember sweet Bob.
I’m trying to get my sewing projects done. Hope to have my Texas order done tomorrow. Two other ladies in the park, Linda and Carolyn, are going to sew with me tomorrow for a few hours. I’ve lost count on how many micro bowl holders I have to do.
The only bad thing that has gone with the park is the stupid internet. I bet I have plugged and unplugged the router 50 times this week. I sent out a newsletter asking for patience for the issue this weekend. Hopefully things will be resolved next week.
The weather has been wonderful. I have some Texans camped here and they don’t even want to go home due to the heat and they just keeping staying a few more days.
I’m trying to be better about putting drop in reservations and people who stay longer in the computer. I had a couple of major screw-ups this week that luckily worked out but it could have been pretty bad. I must stay focused, I must stay focused, I must stay focused, etc….
My Mom is doing okay in her rehab place. The doctor took off the stabilizing brace that was on her left leg and also told her to begin walking using both legs. She’ll be in rehab for 5 weeks. I’ll go to Springfield the end of the month and go to the dr appointment with her. Our hope is that the latest shot he gave her and draining her knee will keep her from needing a replacement.
Juli will go to her doctor appointment on Monday to get results of her CTscan. We are all hoping there has been shrinkage of the tumors. It was a very frustrating week for her dealing with the insurance companies regarding getting a Petscan. They turned her down for that so as of now she won’t be able to get one. I know that is very disappointing for her. Continued prayers needed for both my Mom and Juli. Juli continues to inspire with her prayers and beliefs.
We closed on our building here in town on July 15. Yea!!! Had a call from realtor at Lake Wabaunsee with a potential buyer today. Let’s cross our fingers.
That’s it for now.


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  1. Kathy 08/05/2013 at 9:39 am #

    Hey Bird! So happy that things are going so well for you, and the reservations are exceeding your expectations. Continued prayers for Juli and your Mom! Have a great August!!

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