Bears and Limber Jacks

25 Jul

cade limberbear tree
I hope you can see the video of Limber Jacking. I didn’t know a thing about that and it was really fun to watch. Cade also
It’s been an interesting week and busy. It’s Thursday night and we are full for the weekend once again. Now I’m doing a lot of reservations for next summer already. Someone said they were afraid that we were going to be full next year and no one will be able to get in. I think that might be an exaggeration, but it is good to be this full.
The courtyard is almost done. My goal is to start painting on the trellis tomorrow. It will be many colors. Today I was very busy in the office checking in a lot of people and bookwork and computer work.
The kids have been having so much fun being able to just hang around the park and play with the kids that come into the park. Cade learned how to play cribbage today with a man who is here for a few days. We also took a ride to the golf course to get a photo of a mama bear and her baby in a tree. We also made plaster of paris bear prints here in the park. They go home on the train tomorrow night.
Mary and Terry are up in Boulder and Greeley traveling around.
We went to the local Melodrama last night. It was funny and clever. Hopefully they’ll have good turnouts every night.
Have felt a little edgy the last couple of days. Lots of little emotion things happening of which I have no control over. Pray, pray, pray. I’m sure it’s a combination of about a million things. When I feel this way I announce I need a day to sew and I think that will happen on Saturday. One thing about it being full is the weekends are less busy as far as the office.
Think I’m going to go to bed early tonight and catch up on my People magazines that I haven’t read for a month.

One Response to “Bears and Limber Jacks”

  1. ruth 07/25/2013 at 11:32 pm #

    Hey, that limber jacking thing is.pretty cool 🙂

    Hope your emotions have settled down for you…hugs from

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