UnBearable night

21 Jul

cade kyler trainbicycle group
There’s a photo of our bicycle group that rode out of Angel Fire, NM last week. They had a good week. Our camp assistants, Diana and Terry were the support vehicle for it and they had a good time. We are glad to have them back.
Billie and the kids and Terry D. arrived by train yesterday morning. Denny picked them up at the train station in La Junta. Billie said they were great and had a good time. I love that photo of them in the dining car. I think they could use that in a flyer. Elliott is so funny with her big words. She is walking around saying “Mommy had to run an errand, Mommy had to run an errand.”
Busy weekend at the park. It was full again. Just finished with pancake breakfast for a group.
Last night was rather exciting. I went to the shower building to clean bathrooms. I was playing my music and every now and then I was hearing this really loud noise. Like someone was knocking on the door but no one was there. Of course, after just coming off a scary movie, I tried not to let my imagination run away. I was finished about 11:15 and was walking out the door when I saw a black bear run toward our motorhome. I thought, “good, I can get to the house”. Well, he turned around and started walking toward me. I went right back into the building and called Mary. I told her I was trapped because of the bear. She said, “I’m not coming out”. Next I tried calling Billie to go wake up Denny. She didn’t answer. Next I called Denny and thankfully he had the phone in the bedroom. He turned on some lights and came out with a flashlight.. The bear took off, he was eating something out of a trash can, and then I could get to the house. Whew. Soo….I was relaxing watching a little tv and a huge thunderstorm started up. We all know what that means, Meeko is going to freak out. It was a fairly violent storm and we ended up with over an inch of rain. It was 2 am before I got to sleep, so a little groggy today. Let’s hope it’s a quiet day. The kids are enjoying the rv park and the toys. There are some other kids around so they can play with them too. Did have a bonfire last night which was nice. Perfect evening for it since there was no wind.
That’s it for now. Trying to make plans for the week with the kids.
My mom fell 2 days ago and cracked the bone right under her left knee. She is in a brace. We hope she gets to see a doctor on Monday and then we’ll see what will happen from there. My sister Jolene is heading that way and my neice Marjay and brother in law Marvin are there for the weekend. Needless to say she is frustrated but we’ll get her back on her feet again.
Juli story: She is still doing her alternative treatments for her cancer. She is now going to a Chinese doctor in Orlando. Last Wednesday she went to church and a man gave her $20 and told her he was thinking and praying for her. When she got home, she started opening her mail. She opened a card from a friend and there was a note and a check for $1000 to help Juli with her medical costs. She opened another card from the parents of one of her friends. They had put a check for $2000 in the card! Her next mail to open was the bill from Sarasota where she had been receiving treatment. Guess what the amount was??? $3020.00. Pretty powerful. She said that confirmed that God is still watching over her and she continues to pray for his guidance and she feels she is on the right path. She does have more pain but is dealing with it with chiropracty and acupuncture. Judy is back down there now after being gone for a month.
Lots of prayers needed for Juli and my Mom. Thanks everybody.

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