July 14!!!, 2013 What in the world have I been doing?

13 Jul

snake chaircade elliottelliott 4thdaina 3clubhousediana 4

Had a good 4th of July here in La Veta and in the park. On the 4th, we had a big potluck and invited the whole park. Denny grilled up 80 pieces of chicken and everyone brought yummy side dishes. The La Veta parade was on Saturday the 6th. Denny rode his unicycle and Mary took 3 kids from the rv park and decorated our golf cart and let them be in the parade. They had lots of fun. The kids were really cute. They did many little jobs for us including dog walking. I’ve missed their help with that job especially.
It has been a good week. Only forgot 1 person and didn’t have them written down but I still had a space for them thankfully. We have been full the last 2 weekends which is wonderful. We’re fixing pancakes for a group in the morning. They really enjoy that.
Many of our bicycle friends have come in. Judy and Susan A arrived Wednesday afternoon. Nephew Chris arrived last night at 6 pm. Kathy and Doug will be here any minute. We have the house in somewhat of order and have 2 bedrooms set up for everyone. Mary is still in the motorhome and Judy and Susan are staying with Diane and Vince. We’ll fix them pancakes at 7:30 in the morning and then they’ll head down to Angel Fire to ride out of there for the week.
Had a meltdown on Wednesday. I felt soooooo tired I couldn’t even function. I finally put a closed sign on the office door and went to bed until Thursday morning. Still feel a little tired but I can at least function at a somewhat capable level. Need to take a little better care of when I eat.
Had a little excitement in the park last week when a bull snake decided to wind himself up in a campers lawn chair. Denny took a golf club and pushed into the river. He was not a happy snake.
I forgot to finish the trailer story. We finally received the ramp a week ago Friday. Saturday afternoon we unloaded and now we have a garage full of junk. I really don’t think we can use it all, but we’ll see. I called the truck company on Monday to come pick up the trailer and they finally got here on Friday. Maybe next week we can get a little organization going on. I would really like to get our bedroom set up. The closet is also driving me crazy. I can’t find any little footie sox that match.
Mary is working at the consignment store today. It’s a busy place. We should close on the building July 15. Maybe a little hope on the Lake Wabaunsee house, but nothing for sure yet. Between her and our camping associates Diana and Terry, we are getting a lot done around the park.
Cathy and Doug just arrived so time to go.


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