The moving trailer saga continues

3 Jul

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Before I get to the trailer saga, I thought I’d let you know that I am famous. My photo and a quote is in this months issue of The Quilt Life!!! My friend Doris is a quilter and she is camping for a couple of weeks here. Today, I’m going to take her over to meet Ricky and she is very excited.

Soooooooooo……I’m laying in bed Monday morning, saying a little prayer, thinking about getting out of bed since it’s 7:30, knowing I need to take a shower and then…..Mary comes screaming into the bedroom, “the truck, the truck, they’re taking the truck!!!!!!!!!! I’m like ‘What?????” She said “They are backing up a truck and hooking it up to the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, I leapt out of bed, (luckily I had my hair on because I had let the dogs out earlier and also that I don’t sleep in the nude) and screamed at Mary “give me your shoes, give me your shoes..” I put on her flip flops and ran out the door screaming, “Wait, stop, Wait, Stop. I caught the driver just in time and said “we still have our furniture in there”. Thank goodness for Mary that she just happened to be sitting by the window and saw him pull up. Otherwise, I don’t know where our furniture would have ended up. So, I immediately got on the phone and made several phone calls. One would think that a truck ramp is an endangered species!!! I firmly told them they better get a ramp down here and that they better all get on the same page regarding this trailer. As of this morning, the ramp is in Trinidad. I called them and asked if they were bringing the ramp up. The lady said “I would bring it up but my pick up is broken down?. I’m like “wtf”. I kindly said, “would you please try and get the ramp up here today and she said yes”. I asked Denny if I could drive down to Trinidad to get it and he said it was way to heavy. Here we are at 10:51 am, July 3rd, still waiting to unload our trailer. It’s getting rather imperative because Linda is coming in on Thursday, bicycle friends are coming in next week, so on and so on.
The weather is still beautiful but we desperately need rain. We are on a full water ban so nothing gets to be watered.
Denny returned home last night with the truck and trailer full.
We did lower the price on the house and maybe someone will be at the lake looking. The realtor said the rule of thumb is that if a house at the lake isn’t sold by 4th of July, then it is yours for the winter. I am not going to believe that and I think it will sell.
Mary is going to her training for her new job today. She will be working at the consignment store in La Veta.
That’s it for now.


2 Responses to “The moving trailer saga continues”

  1. Judy 07/03/2013 at 12:35 pm #

    Great picture, where can I get an autographed copy? Your trailer saga is unbelievable – Susan & I will help you unpack when we get there next week! Very sad you’re not here to have your 4th of July party 😦

  2. Kathy 07/05/2013 at 6:42 am #

    Kudos on your magazine article and photo!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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