Wednesday, June 26, 2013

26 Jun

smoke in airhelicoptershelicoptereast peak firenight fire
The fire photos are taken from the rv park. The picture of the just the smoky sky is from the South Fork fires. We only have smoke from them every now and then. The helicopters were located at our little airport.
What a week it has been since I last posted. I hope I can remember what has been happening.
Many of you might not realize that we’ve had a fire on the East Peak just outside of La Veta. It started as a puff of smoke last Wednesday afternoon, and turned into a roaring fire that has burned the whole side of the East Peak up to tree line. It also burned the land below the peak. 10 houses gone and 4 out buildings as of now. Many were evacuated who lived in that area. Over 13,000 acres burned. La Veta was never in pre-evac and was actually the command post for the fire fighters and National Guard. The fire went under Federal jurisdiction on Friday night. Soon the Hot Shots from all over the country started coming, (by the way there needs to be about a 3 year calendar made of hotshot firemen and women). There were the big airplanes dumping fire retardant. Helicopters dumping water. All in all there were over 600 fire fighting personnel in town. We were able to help as ice runners. Of course, I say we, it was Denny who made several runs to Walsenburg to pick up over 2700 lbs of ice for several days. My part was that I volunteered us. As of today, the is considered contained. There are still firefighters in the area to keep an eye on flare ups. We have a couple in the park who are called Tactical Fire fighters. They are driving a big water truck and they are doing the “mop up” work. Cleaning up areas and watering down the roads. Since the East Peak is a wilderness area, there are also crews making the landscape look like it hasn’t burned. Not quite sure all the details on how they do it, but it’s part of a fire detail that I wasn’t aware of. Basically, they try to refurbish the landscape in wilderness areas.
Regarding how it affected the rv park. We had several cancellations but we also had many who came in. We were very lucky that we only had light smoke in the air for a couple of days because the winds were always blowing toward the east. We have 7 campers here that came in on Friday who were evacuated from Fun Valley which is a huge campground in South Fork. They are work campers and they had a 30 minute evacuation notice. There is zero containment of that fire and it has burned almost 80,000 acres. It’s a horrible fire and they just don’t know when they can return. Some of them still have possessions and vehicles at Fun Valley. We have been very busy with phone calls, ice runs, counseling, listening, trying to do what we are able to do for everyone.
On top of all of the above, we have also been trying to get moved into our house. With Tom, the previous owner, going through grueling tests and chemotherapy, they were unable to move their things out of the house. This week, we hired 2 guys to move all of their belongings into storage. We now have our truck coming in tomorrow and we have 3 days to move our things out of it. This is good news and we also will have help unloading the truck.
My sister Judy and her husband Marvin have been here since the 16th. They are leaving today. Judy was a big help getting our kitchen set up and also did a lot of sewing. She made curtains for the Game Room and also made several little bags for the shop. We also managed to play bridge 3 nights with my friend Judy. Mary, our friend we stay with in Arizona is flying in tomorrow night. She’s going to spend 2 months with us which will be a huge help. We are working 7 days a week and 10 hours or more a day. Handling it well so far. I no longer stay up all hours of the night. I continue to barely make it through 1 tootsie pop before I fall asleep.
I think that is it for now. Denny is busy getting the garage ready for our things that will need to be in there. Looking forward to setting up house. I’ve been wearing the same 3 outfits since I’ve been so here it will be nice to have a change of clothes. Meeko and Jumper continue to be a real asset with their hosting jobs when customers come in to check in.


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  1. Eje 06/28/2013 at 12:16 pm #

    Jay I just love reading your stories. What an adventure u and Dad are on. Love u both

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