OMGosh, it’s June 18 already

18 Jun


moving van



puppies in park

Thought today would be picture day. It’s a good day. Already have cleaned my office. Everything gets sooooo dusty here being on gravel roads again. But that’s okay. As you can see there is a patio chair behind the desk. That is where I sit and put my feet up while I visit with customers. Sometimes I listen about their travels, sometimes I do some consoling, sometimes we are just laughing, it’s pretty cool. That’s a picture of the front of our house. There’s Jumper, Meeko and Ruby playing in the dog park. Ruby left yesterday. There’s also a picture of the studio.
Judy and Marvin are here for a week or so. So happy to have them here and for them to have some much needed vacation time. Although, Judy was already hard at work yesterday organizing our kitchen. It is an interesting piece of work. There are many things about our house that we scratch our heads about, but it is going to be a great place. Lots of potential.
As you can see, Denny totally loaded up a 28 ft truck last weekend and he still has to go home and get one more small trailer load. Definitely didn’t get rid of anything!!
I survived the 3 1/2 days on my own with the park. I do have some big bruises on my legs from all the hard labor work, i.e. dumping mop buckets, moving recycle bins, moving boxes etc. It was a good weekend. Interesting group from the Race Across America bicyclists. It’s a crazy thing that riders do. They go from San Francisco to Maryland in like a week. Didn’t meet the cyclist but his support team.
Still love, love, love everything about the park. We did make the decision to not become a Good Sam’s park as of now. We have enough irons in our fires to deal with right now. We do have a couple coming in July to work camp for us for 2 months. They will help us with projects in return for their site. I think that will be a big help.
Selling lots of my Microwaveable Bowl holders and must sew 2 sets today because the lady is leaving tomorrow. That’s one thing about making things for travelers, you better get them done before they leave.
Feeling well. The feet are just getting better and better. Still wouldn’t go on a long hike, but it’s nice to have a day that I don’t actually think about them much.
Puppies are adjusting. Saturday morning I woke up at 6 am to begin the day. I could not find my hair. I looked under the divans, the bed, all over and couldn’t figure out where it was. I had another one in the rv but I would have to go outside to get it. I walked into the living room and saw Jumper and he had my wig in is mouth. Of course, we had to play tug of war for me to retrieve it, but I did and I plopped it on my head and began the day. Love that Jumper.
Denny still busy doing outside work and fixing up things. Some of the campers like these pallet steps to put outside their rv. He’s made 3 I think. They are nice but I am surprised that they don’t pay him a little for them. We are all about CUSTOMER SERVICE. Sunday I received a call from a guy who wanted to hook into cable for the day so he could watch all the sports that was going on. I told him no one had cable anywhere. So….I said, “Come on over here and check in for the night and I’ll let you watch tv in our motorhome”. And, that’s what they did. Denny did tell sister Judy that I may be pushing the customer service a little too far. :).
That’s it for now. Need to finish 4 bowl holders and then Judy and I are going to make curtains for the Game Room.


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