I have talked nonstop since 8:30 this morning

10 Jun

It is now 3:10 in the afternoon Colorado time. What a busy Monday. 4 new reservations 4 people came in Good Sams/Woodall couple came in to discuss being in catalog and being a Good Sam rv park. Seems like there is a lot of positive about being a Good Sams park. Our camping buddies, please weigh in on if you think being a Good Sams is a benefit to you. Just would like to hear feedback. The exciting news is that we got a 10 on the rating of our bathrooms!!!! Some of you know that Denny worked hours on the bathrooms to get them sparkling clean.
Denny has been in Pueblo shopping and getting the stinky, filthy, matted up, Meeko and Jumper groomed. It was almost impossible to be around Jumper because he was so stinky.
Had a great weekend. A group of Ute Bobcats Camping club came in. They were great and we finally did our first pancake breakfast for a group which went well.
Have had a couple of late nights sewing my microwavable bowl holders. Think I’ve got a lady coming to buy some today.
Feeling very happy and I like the idea of working. One thing is that I can stop doing is answering the phone while I’m going to the bathroom!!!!!!
A little disappointed that I haven’t heard from our Lake Wabaunsee realtor. She showed our house for the 3rd time to the same people and they were to call today. But……it is now 4:15 Kansas time, so guess it isn’t going to happen.
I think that is it for now. Very warm here today and found a fan I could put in the office which is helping. It’s also clouding up so maybe a little shower.
If you get a chance, check out the website http://www.circlethewagonsrvpark.com That’s almost become a second blog. Just can’t over the interesting people that come through and where they are heading. Posting a story tonight about a couple going to the Ute reservation to teach art classes for a week.

One Response to “I have talked nonstop since 8:30 this morning”

  1. ruth 06/12/2013 at 5:30 pm #

    I am sure that is Not a record for you …. lol

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