Saturday, June 8, 2013 Tidbit day

8 Jun

Buddy and Jumper in the office thinking they need a treat.

Buddy and Jumper in the office thinking they need a treat.

The dog park has been named. "Circle the Waggin's" I'm going to paint the name and a couple of dogs with their tails wagging on the fence.

The dog has been named. “Circle the Waggin’s” I’m going to paint the name and a couple of dogs with their tails wagging on the fence.

Going to be a good day. I’m actually really going to sew. I’ve got the studio area set up, finally. It’s nice and bright. I’ll do my material cutting on a counter in the kitchen.
Talked to my daughter today. I saw that she posted on Facebook yesterday that it was Cade’s 10th birthday. I said “Are you sure he wasn’t born on June 8th!! She said “Mom, I think I would know when my son was born!!”. Can’t believe he is 10. They are going to Worlds of Fun.
Life at the rv park continues to be busy and exciting. Every other day or so we have a bear go down the river and that makes everyone happy who wants to see a bear. It doesn’t make Meeko happy and he has to bark and bark.
We are living half in the rv and half in the house. We don’t have a sewer hook up where we are parked by the house. So..the other day Denny says, “Don’t use the bathroom and especially don’t do #2 in the rv, use the bathroom in the house”. I said “Okay” and immediately went into the rv and used the bathroom. So… he repeated what he just had told me. I said “Oh we don’t have sewer hook up out here, got it”. Jeez, my brain. So we sleep in the rv, shower and bathroom in the house, wash dishes in the house and also do laundry. We do have a bed in the house so now I’m wondering, why aren’t we sleeping in the house? We are in the process of having our TV’s hooked up but since it has become a humongus job due to shoddy hookups before, the guy just up and left. Is he coming back, I do not know. I will have to get used to La Veta service. Also business don’t like to call back either.
Dale and ChaCha from Naco came and stayed for 2 nights. It was fun seeing them and we had 2 fun evenings out which was nice.
We have 16 campers in the park now and 6 of them are with a camping group. They go to different parks in Colorado a couple of times a month. This group is the Ute Bobcats.
I’m still struggling with the cash drawer and counting the money at night. I make a deposit and I have a certain amount in the drawer that I keep. Why do I struggle so with this issue and I have struggled with it every job I have ever had that had to reconcile a cash drawer at night. Have paid our first bills and nothing was too shocking except the water bill. Yikes and bye-bye new tent site that we were trying to grow grass on. Denny is trying to think of an alternative to put down for tenters. We have had 2 big rains which has been wonderful. Denny played at the golf course and it is in sad shape he said. That is truly heartbreaking because at one time it was a premier golf course.
I’m not able to get out and about much. Pretty much tied to the office from 8:30 to 6 or so. I can’t believe how fast the time goes by. Before I know it it’s 1 or 2. Yesterday Mitzi called and said “I need you”. She had a fast turnaround at her loft. I ran over and helped with some sweeping, vacumming and taking stuff down to her car. The new people actually came in and she told to come back in about 20 minutes. It’s a wonderful loft apartment with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths so there is a lot of cleaning to do after guests. Especially when the guests tell you they only need 2 beds for 4 people and they use 3. I think it takes one to be an owner of a rental to realize how much people take advantage. These people also ruined a set of sheets by spilling nail polish remover or something and they didn’t tell Mitzi. I told her to call them and let them know about the sheets. I said we are business owners and we are not going to let people walk all over us. Easier said than done, believe me.
I guess I can now say this since it was in our little paper this week. Our building in La Veta is under contract. I can’t say anything else, but when I can, it is really a sweet story and seems to tell us if one is patient everything eventually comes together and this contract even makes our move to La Veta seem to mean this is where we are meant to be.
Denny will be heading home Thursday to pack up our 1/2 of a semi truck. He should be able to head back here on Sunday. Found out this morning that we will have 2 or 3 strong boys and Erin who is also strong helping him on Saturday. Maybe Denny can just supervise.
I can hear the river flowing, the wind blowing through the leaves, a rooster crowing and the birds chirping just sitting here in the office. I love my office area. That’s the tidbits for now.


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