Jumper and me in the office

5 Jun

After Denny took the dogs for a walk, he brought them in to say to me and Jumper wanted to stay. He’s helping me paint and picking up various items to chew on. Today I finally was able to put up some new signage. It is one of those signs that has a white background and then you poke the letter in the slots. Well do they have quite the racket. They only give you 1 y per letter holder. I had to quit putting monthly on my rates. Anyway, while I was cutting the plastic letters off the holder, one flew into the lobby part of the office. Next thing I know, Jumper had it in his mouth. Luckily, I retrieved it before he was pooping out a red letter “t”.
Not quite as full of energy after are long days of packing and driving but managed to get quite a bit done. Had 3 campers come, one of them being a couple from Naco, Dale and ChaCha. We have bragged so much about the beauty of this place but today you couldn’t see one mountain because of low clouds. I hope the sun is out sometime tomorrow. We did get a little rain which even a tiny bit is better than nothing. They drove through New Mexico and ran into a lot of smoke of from the New Mexico fires. After got his rv parked, we all ran up to Cuchara to the Dog Bar for dinner. It was very busy and all of our hamburgers were yummy. They really liked Cuchara. I think they may stay a couple of days to drive around before they continue on to Portland.
Still up trying to get my little studio area painted. Think I’m done for the night and it looks like I’ll have to put a second coat on tomorrow. Then I hope to get my machine up and start sewing the micro bowl holders. Finally was able to make a path from the office area into the studio area. Tossed out old notepads, tablets, greeting cards, and newspapers. We have a great recycling system that we don’t have to sort.
Finished reading “Banished” from the lady who was kicked out of the Westboro Baptist Church. Very interesting to get the perspective of someone who was on the inside and how they slowly were able to let go of that thinking. It took her quite a while to do it.
That’s it for now. Maybe I can be asleep around 10:30.

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