4 Jun

I said good-bye to the lake house today. It is so plush and green, our maple tree is magnificent, the lake is full again and going over the spillway, Wabaunsee Pines is so beautiful. The fairways are filling in.
We are about 2 hours from La Veta. Instead of driving throught blizzards this trip, we drove through tornado warnings. We found that out at a gas stop. Didn’t see any funnel clouds so we just kept on going. I didn’t want to end up like those 3 storm chasers.
We left La Veta early Monday morning and made it to Lake Wabaunsee about 6. The last 2 days we’ve had 3 missionaries helping us. Judy M watched the office and the puppies for us. Zada aka Huckleberry Finnette, finished painting the dog park fence. Judy and Dick K brought us a yummy dinner out last night all the way from Topeka. We are feeling very loved, let me tell ya.
Up early this morning to pack the trailer and Imdid some more packing up of the house. Very excited that I have my sewing machine and golf cart and bicycle in tow. One may ask why I’m excited about the golf cart since you can’t take it to the golf course. You use it to drive around the park delivering messages, showing people where their spots are and general duties. Anyway we were on our way back home by 1 pm.
I’m excited about having my machine because I’ve sold of my micro pads.
Tomorrow I’ll finish painting the studio area and get things set up. It should be a fun day because Dale and Chacha are stopping in for a couple of days. They are friends from Naco. They are on a month long trip. Denny will be working the garage and get it organized. Good news also, we have a family come look at the house for the third time this Saturday.. Lets cross our fingers.
Foot update. Continues to feel better each day until I’m on it way too long, like this morning. The arch feels, just the heel gets flared up.
Still feeling fairly manic and full of energy and just plain happy. Love the decision to buy the RV park and I think it’s where we are meant to be. Like everything we’ve done the last twelve years was our training. Of course I’m saying all of this before the bills have come in so not sure how the feeling will be after that jolt of reality! I’m just going to try and fill the park this summer. It’s interesting how 90% of the reservations want to be by the river and we really only have 4 sites available for dailies and weeklies. The rest are full for the season.
Think that’s it for now. Almost to Fowler which means we are an hour and twenty minutes from home. Will be happy to see Jumper and Meeko and glad they aren’t traveling with us because the trucked is packed to the rafters.


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  1. Vicki 06/04/2013 at 10:40 pm #

    I know the first couple that looked at your Lw property for a retirement home – were impressed, but they have small grandchildren and too much work hauling everything to the dock- relatives of Gail and jack Carlson that I introduced to your last year….Kodie is SO disappointed we won’t be invited out this year for July 4…………..she will remember that adventure for a LONG time………..she had a BLAST and fell in love with you and Denny!!

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