June 1, 2013 at Circle the Wagons RV Park

1 Jun

denny tractor


For havin’ sex, is it truly impossible for me to count money even with the help of a calculator???????????? To start out the month fresh and organized, I thought I’d make a deposit and reconcile the petty cash. I counted the deposit, came out just right, then I counted drawer and was okay. Then I counted the deposit again before I put it in the bag. I was $10 short. So, I counted 3 more times and still came up short. Soooo, I take a $10 out of petty cash and recount. I am now $10 over. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put the $10 back in the drawer and counted again and all was okay. Deposit done, drawer good, I’m ready for the day.
Don’t you love the photo of Denny and the tractor. I have asked him nicely all week to please put some gravel on 2 flower beds where the mulch had blown off and the black plastic was showing. He didn’t think that was a high priority. Yesterday I finally said, “I’m going to town and buy a whole bunch of yard art and pots to cover the black plastic”. Within minutes, here he comes with a tractor full of gravel. I put the finishing touches on “The Bird’s Nest” and her migrating artists. There is a man staying here who does Chinese Brush strokes so I have a few of his pieces for sale. I’m going to do that the through the summer. So now I have my things, 2 artists from Naco and Bisbee and now Bill’s pieces.
I just counted up the campers we had for the month of May and we had 40. Today we have 4 of our seasonal campers coming in plus some dailies. I am still so excited feeling, I can hardly stop moving or thinking or talking. Today I am going to start painting the dining area which will be my studio.
Congrats in order for Billie and Cade who did a 5K for the Jo Bryant Memorial Run. Jo had the same cancer as my niece Juli and they have worked so hard putting out information regarding bile duct cancer and fundraising for research and helping families dealing with it. It is considered a rare cancer, but it is becoming more prevalent. Speaking of Juli, she is feeling very well, she says she actually feels healed. Judy took her and the kids to Lego Land yesterday and she didn’t couldn’t get over how much fun and how happy Juli is.
Time to proceed to next task. Need to make a couple of Beware of Bear signs. I was sound asleep this morning around 6:45 am and the dog next door started barking and then Meeko started jumping all over me in bed and barking. There was a bear right behind us in the river. I don’t know if he had been in the park but he may have been traveling down the river.


One Response to “June 1, 2013 at Circle the Wagons RV Park”

  1. ruth 06/01/2013 at 5:56 pm #

    For heaven’s sake J…..if you are havin’ sex while you counting the $$….no wonder your drawer doesn’t balance. Even I couldn’t do that lol

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