Day 45

31 May

I am having so much fun getting the office and store ready for business. I’ve spent all day organizing shelves, painting gate doors and furniture yellow. Our office colors are a deep forest green and a lighter green and a bright yellow. Love it, love it. Big day today getting the new wifi made more powerful. Should have a much better range of distance, so much so, we need a password. So….I had just reset the password and have given it out to the campers. Then a young girl came in and said she was staying with someone in the park and needed the password. Turned out she lied and wasn’t part of the campers. So….I changed the password, walked around the campground and gave out the new one and then the same girl comes into the office asking for the password. I told her I didn’t like that she lied to me and then we talked and she said she didn’t have any friends and that she was moving soon and she promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone the password. Of course, I’m giving her the benefit of doubt. Apparently when the tech was here, he deleted an account that the people who live close by had been using because it was unsecured. We are now secure in the office with our own pw and the park has their own.
Denny was busy busting up concrete and then pouring more concrete for the ramp into the Game Room. He said his hands hurt. My foot was pretty sore from being on it a lot, but still feels like it is healing.
Nancy came in for a visit today and it was good to see her. We had dinner with Don and Mitzi at the La Veta Inn. Now it is 12:44 am and I’m heading to bed. Was trying to print out bear information and found a nice brochure that I could print out, so I got all that kind of stuff done. All of a sudden feeling very tired to heading to bed.

One Response to “Day 45”

  1. Kathy 05/31/2013 at 8:57 am #

    So glad to read you are having such a fun time! Enjoy your day today!!

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