Day 44 of being owners of an rv park

29 May

Just finished another productive day of organizing the office business. Enjoyed walking through town finding out hours of operation from all the businesses. Have spent several hours typing up useful information for our campers ie.; restaurants, hospitals, golf courses, shops. Think I have it finally done. Actually took up 2 1/2 pages. Also went to the bank to get set up for online banking. They are already familiar with me due to weird deposits. No campers in today, it’s very windy so many may have stopped early in the day. Still is good at this point so we can both finish what we are doing without too many interuptions. I think Doo-dah Finn, alias Zada, is just about done with the dog park painting. We are trying to think of a cute name for the park. Can’t wait for photo so you can see the finished product. Ricky stopped by to say hi and check out the place. He didn’t realize how much was here.
Today I had to seriously drink plenty of fluids. Last night, we were watching tv and I got a funny foot cramp. Next thing I knew, my foot was turning backward!!! I knew immediately I was way dehydrated. Pretty soon my shins, both feet, the back of my legs were going all sorts of directions. I guzzled down a Gatorade, then started on another, took a valium, usually you take a muscle relaxer at this point, drank some more water and then crawled into bed and tried not to move. Woke up about 4 hours later with feet turning backwards again and drank another Gatorade, water and a valium. Was able to go back to sleep. Then woke up and started drinking and so far so good for the day. That is so scary. I may just have to start walking around with an iv drip!
Excited that I received a box of art projects from my friend Genelle, who lives in Naco, for my shop. Denny painted the shelves yellow today so should be able to start putting out items tomorrow afternoon.
Denny is now working on a cement ramp. He has broken away the old concrete and is pouring new concrete tomorrow. Whew! Think I’m done for the day. Really enjoying my little duties.

One Response to “Day 44 of being owners of an rv park”

  1. Don Keairns 05/30/2013 at 8:30 am #

    what a perfect place for my little J-Bird. Lots of stuff to keep you busy and productive…..not that you aren’t always! Can’t wait until you get your little gift area set up. That should be real cute. I have to work today, but only 4 hours so that won’t be too bad. I am feeling fine…..I just don’t have my usual energy back yet. We are thinking about going out to eat up at the Timber’s tonight. Would you like to come along? We haven’t tried it yet but that chef that was at the LaVeta Inn is cooking there now and he was doing a real good job at the Inn. Call or text and let me know. I am really hating this wind and looking at the forecast there is no rain in sight for the next 7 days!!! What I wouldn’t give for a nice rainy day!! Take care and I will talk to you later! Mitzi

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