Officially a RV Park worker

28 May

Oh my goodness, what a few days it has been.
Saturday, Judy and I left for La Veta at 9 am. We were good traveling companions, switched off a few times and we each had little snoozes. The VW did great and was very comfortable to travel in. We arrived around 6 pm. We went to dinner and La Veta was very busy with an Art Walk, so saw several friends. After dinner, we all hit the sack to be ready for a full day of work on Sunday.
Denny continued work on the dog park, which is going to be so cute. Judy and I worked in the office doing various tasks. Had several visitors and friends stop by. Not that many campers in the park, maybe 15 for the weekend. A little scary, but beginning this next weekend, we really pick up. So, it’s really a little better that we are slow because we can finish getting most of the things we need done finished. My main job is getting the office set up and the Bird’s Nest ready. Sunday night we had dinner with George, up at the Timbers. It was wonderful to see him. He was our rv driver during the 6 week bicycle trip. The meal was good but the waitress did a funny thing. She was describing where the beef came from for the steaks. She said “The beef is raised here in Colorado and also slaughtered in Colorado!.” We had a good laugh with that one and suggested she maybe use a little different term. Once again, bed early and then Judy and I had major training on my bookkeeping system. I think I’m comfortable with it and it is very cool. Unfortunately, for my only customer for the night, I totally messed up doing the credit card and totally messed up printing the receipt, but he was very patient and I was able to figure it all out. We took Judy to the train and then I spent the evening really cleaning up my office area and now feel very organized behind the desk.
Today I’m ordering business cards and signage for the office. Denny is in Pueblo purchasing many things. When he gets home, I’m going out on Hwy 12 to paint the arrow red on the sign. Also will begin painting the shelves in the office.
We have a new missionary person today, Zada. She volunteered to come and paint our new fencing red. I cannot say again how we truly would not have been this far along without all of friends who have volunteered, (well maybe we volunteered some of them), to help out. The whole park is shaping up.
When I walked out of the RV on Sunday morning, I felt like I had just returned home from a long trip.
Meeko and Jumper are being fun. They like being in the office with me and they greet the customers by jumping all around. They are pretty noisy in the backyard when others are walking their pets. That would be pretty bad if we have the most obnoxious dogs in the park!
That’s it for now. Feet feeling pretty good, stomach is totally swollen up from eating breakfast out. We are now starting to eat our meals in as of today.

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