Day 39, last day at Lake Wabaunsee

24 May

Billie’s out here spending the night. She arrived just in time. After 2 days of not enough sleep and too much caffeine and sugar, I was getting ready to freak. I was in the studio trying to pack a few things up, and I was suddenly extremely overwhelmed. How was I ever going to get everything done and be able to leave by 9 am in the morning. I went back in the house, called Denny, called my sister, tried to breathe, etc. Fixed dinner when Billie arrived and now feel a little more grounded. The house is picked up and we’ll do last minute vacuuming and touch ups and lock the doors in the morning. Very excited to get to La Veta tomorrow night. Judy is going to ride out with me. The little yellow bug will be very full.
I think we’ll try to make a coin purse tonight, a bear, and then I’m packing the machine and all the materials and set it all aside for a few weeks. I’ve got plenty to do and don’t need to obsessing about micro heating pads and animal coin purses.
Kathy and Doug picked me up last night and took me to Wamego for dinner at the La Hacienda. There were about 15 of us and it was really fun. Cheryl made a sign for us out cut up license plates spelling out Circle the Wagons. I’ll try to post a photo of it. It is really cool. After I got home, Anna came over and we did another coin purse and were up until 12:30 finishing it. Will also try to post that too.
Thats it for now. Now the posts will be from the rv park.Cant figure out photos. When I get back on my computer I’ll be able to do my photos easier.
Good news on feet, right foot good after cortisone shot, left foot a little better each day. Is it possible that I could actually be pain free in the near future!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Day 39, last day at Lake Wabaunsee”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 05/24/2013 at 8:53 pm #

    Have fun with Billie and enjoy your last night at Lake Wabunsee and then get your butt on the road and back to LaVeta!! No stress. We just saw Denny and he said it’s not like you can’t go back and finish up the loose ends in the next month if you need to. Had a busy day planting flowers for the town Beaufication (aka Mitzi and Peggy!). It went pretty well. I enlisted my faithful companion and best buddy Don to help. I might have overdone it just a little, but I had a delish margurita and so I am feeling much better!! Can’t wait to see you! Have a relaxing evening and a safe journey. Ashley just got another job (a great one) and she told me that “the universe is unfolding exactly as it was meant to” and I will pass those thoughts on to you as well. Love you!

  2. Kathy 05/24/2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Some of us are sad that this is your last night at Lake Wabaunsee – but also happy for you! Nice to know that we will at least see you in July! Try not to stress about anything, its not like you have to be out of your house completely tomorrow. Safe journeys to Colorado and you and Judy have fun!! Hugs and well wishes – and we will miss you!

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