Day 37-38, only 2 days until I move

23 May

Starting to get really excited. Yesterday was the day the trailer was delivered. U Pack It is a cool company. You load your own stuff first. Then they pick up the trailer and take it somewhere where they will load it up with freight that needs to go to Colorado. When they unload the freight they will bring our stuff to LaVeta.
Yesterday was also project day. I made 2 more Ipad and Nook bags. Also made 2 more micro bags. My friend Anna came over and trimmed over 100 notecard, folded them and boxed them up for me. Huge help because I wouldn’t have been able to stand that long. We were supposed to work on coin purses tonight are going to do that in the morning. Had too long of a day; training on Quickbooks, foot doctor, quilt store with Cindy, WalMart, taking older man who was out of gas on the highway into Eskridge for gas and taking him back to his truck, and then finally home. Could barely make it into the house. Had a cortisone shot in my right foot and for some reason it really throbbed for several hours. Easing up now and hopefully it will feel much better tomorrow. He also said that my left foot is doing great and should really feel better in 4 weeks. Will begin stretching it. Whew will be glad when this foot nightmare will be over.
Getting sleepy


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