Glued to TV

21 May

I keep watching the news about the Moore tornado. I can’t believe how close some of those cell phone photos are. How did they not get blown away? I’m already thinking about doing a mission trip there in the fall. Years of work will need to be done there. Another plus of moving back to La Veta where we had several friends who did mission work with us. We drove through Greensburg a few weeks ago and was impresssed with the rebuilding. The damage of that tornado was still very evident because of the trees.That was our first mission trip that we put together. I so hope they find some more children alive in the rubble.
Struggling with both my feet. Actually the throbbing has kept me up most of the night. I may try to see doctor today instead of tomorrow. Really tried to stay off of them most of the day yesterday. It seems like they really flared up when I was in Topeka. Once again, I got hung up in a line at Office Max. A lady just kept yakking and asking dumb questions and then when it was time to pay she had to dig out her money and then dig out the exact change. Feet went downhill from there. Standing in one place is the worst.
Big trailer is getting delivered today. 28 feet. It will be parked in the driveway for a few weeks until Denny gets back to load it up. Volunteers will be welcome for that job. 🙂
Think I’ll shower, take a pain pill and wrap my feet in ice.


One Response to “Glued to TV”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 05/22/2013 at 3:09 am #

    So sorry about your poor feet!! You just try and take it easy and be a goo girl until we can get you back here and keep an eye one you. I plan to take it easy today too. I is always tempting to do too much, but I hate laying around (and never do), but today I am going to really try to do just that. Hugs to you!

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