Day 35 Scary Storm

19 May

Interesting day. Was up until 3 am so slept in until 9 this morning. Went back to work on my micro pads and was able to get them all done. Then Billie’s famiky came out. Justin nd the boys went right to the dock and went fishing. Billie and Elliott stayed at the house with me to visit, meaning we try to talk over Eliottt who talks non stop. I finally said “Elliott, let Grandma Birdie talk!” That would last for about a minute. Shes so cute, you just let her have her way.unfortunately, some storms started happening so they thought they better get home. Good thing they did because a dooz came through. It blew so hard that I had to get in the closet with a pillow and blankee. Couldn’t see the lake because it was raining so hard. What was so scary was the roaring of the winds and it went on and on. No matter how scary, it was a much needed rain.
Reading the book “Banished, survivng my years with Westboro Baptist Church” Its really interesting to hear an insiders version of how one gets caught up in a cult like experience. Cant wait to see when she got a clue of when to leave that horrible church.
Going tomtry t8 go to sleep early. Need to get up I time to vacuum and pick up my messes befor I head to Topeka to get my tooth crowned.
Down to 6 days before I leave. Have lots to do before then.


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