Day 33-34, 7 days and counting

18 May

Lets hope as I am writing this that I don”t have to run to the tornado room. So far no sirens but definitely stormy weather.
Had a good day sewing. Finally figures out thepattern for my Ipad holder. Then I made 5 of the micro heating pads that I set on fire last week. I now have the Warm Tater so they are fire proof. Tomorrow I hope to try little coin purses that look like puppies and kitties. Speaking of puppies. There were to kids at the rv park today. They had soooo much fun playing with Jumper. Of course Meeko got all bent out of shape, so he had to chase his tail and the boys thought that was the funniest thing.
Denny is handling the group of ten campers that came in for weekend. Hes had some intersting conconversations. This group actually brought gifts and games for the patients at the Veteranshome. Dennys a little disappointed that he doesn’t get to make pancakes for them in the morning. They told him they had it covered.
Good news on the foot. I put one of my orthotic shoes on today for awhile and there was no pain in the arch. I’m thinking this is good news.
A shout out to my friend Mitzi. She was scheduled for a robotic surgery last Thursday. She got there at 5:30 am and was told the Robot was broken!! Luckily she is rescheduled for this Monday. Have never heard of that. Couldn’t the surgeon have done it using his own hands?
Going to stop now because my blinds are blowing like crazy and I think the storm has arrived.


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