Day 31 – 32, Frazzled and full of Guilt

16 May

It’s only 9:25 am and I’m totally frazzled out. Found out that campers have been sending emails that I wasn’t receiving, so figures all that out this morning. So thankful for the tech people I have helping me set up website, emails, etc. Feeling totally guilty for not being in Colorado all this time and so wish I was there helping Denny. Should I have had the foot surgery or not, etc………I will just try to stay calm until next Saturday, the 25th when I can be out there for good. Denny is handling everything so well and calmly. My stomach is swollen out to the max due to eating something yesterday that I shouldn’t have, whatever the hell that was. Had a busy day with Mom yesterday for doctor appts and errands. Also purchased some cute patterns for some more things to make for my little shop at rv park. Have to think of a name for the shop. Okay, I’m done whining. Posting a new story from niece Juli about her new treatment plan she is doing now in Sarasota, FL. She is so remarkable and continues to spread her faith to others by just being so positive about her cancer and the treatment.

The Goings-On
Written 14 hours ago by Juli Brown

This one may be a little long, but it’s to explain a few things that are going on here, so you don’t feel in the dark or that you’re not worrying that I’m under some occult practice. The treatments that I’m getting here are scientific and researched based (and didn’t originate in some tribal community). Some traditional MD’s and PT’s use them in their practice as well. They are used in the reputable alternative cancer treatment centers around the world and have shown positive results in overall health and well being to help my immune system fight off cancerous or other foreign cells. The chemo involves the less is more approach, and is implemented in a safer way. I have been reading the research of these treatments and learning as much as I can about all of this.

Because the ACS tends to discard research not funded by pharmaceutical companies, there is conflicting research out there about the affects of sugar and alkaline vs. acidic blood ph on cancer cells. Most of the documented research done in the medical field has surfaced in places like Germany, but it is scientific-based and conducted by MDs. Because my doctor here takes this approach, I’ve been cut off from sugar even fruit most days. Cancer cells have many more receptors than normal cells and feed off of sugar. I’ve also been put on an alkaline diet with juicing being the key, as cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment and cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The water I’m drinking is alkaline and my diet is raw, consisting of mostly dark green vegetables.

I’ve seen the holistic dentist here as well. There’s some research out there (even on the ACS website) showing that they’ve discovered specific bacteria as the cause of certain breast and prostate cancers. So patients in remission who have this type of bacteria can simply be treated with a specific antibiotic for 1-2 weeks and no longer worry about it coming back. Most of these bacteria originate in the mouth. The dentist here has sent DNA samples of the tissue in my mouth to a lab in Colorado Springs. This lab will compare my tissue samples to other patients who have my specific kind of cancer to determine similarities. The dentist said the lab has taken a particular interest in mine, because mine is so rare, and are doing some heavy research. They are partnering with labs in other countries as well, who are focused on finding the causes. I should get those results back next week. They are also discovering that metals, especially nickel and mercury, are also causing cancers. Because I had already known this, I had all my mercury fillings replaced with non-metal fillings a few years ago. And my dentist at home used a non-metal crown at my request when I needed one. The only metal I know of in my body is a staple in my right knee from an antiquated surgery I had 25 years ago.

The good news is my body is showing it’s in a healthier state according to my blood work. When I came in, the ph of my blood was acidic; last week it was alkaline. My blood cells are reproducing well and my bilirubin and liver counts are showing improvement. Plus, I just feel better. Unfortunately, this kind of cancer doesn’t have a “tumor marker” which is a way to show progress in blood tests for most cancers. That’s why MRI/CT scans have been the only way to determine if treatments are working. I’m over half-way through my chemo treatments now, just completed 6 of 10 today. I’m tolerating it better each time with this day being exceptionally great.

I’m also reading a book on healing throughout the scriptures, going from Genesis to Revelation. I’m in the Psalms now in the book and His promises are building up my spirit in a profound way. I’m so thankful for His healing!

I try to get out when I’m not hooked up to my buddy, Ivy (my I.V.), even if it’s just for an hour to go to the store. Otherwise, I’m walking around the parking lot with her to get my exercise, and looking like an escapee. One lady turned her car around to make sure I didn’t need help. I’m starting to get homesick and it’s harder to say good-bye to my family when they visit on Sundays. Only 9 more days though!

Thank you for the continued cards, letters, posts, and donations. My heart is so encouraged by you and I’m brought to tears on a daily basis by your love for me. I can’t imagine doing life without you all. God has greatly blessed me with you. Thank you for standing with me in belief and faith!

Love and hugs,



2 Responses to “Day 31 – 32, Frazzled and full of Guilt”

  1. Kathy 05/16/2013 at 8:41 pm #

    Bird – hope you are feeling better as the day went on. It won’t be long until you are in La Veta!! Thanks for sharing the update from Juli. I find her updates and diet changes, etc fascinating – and certainly hope it is the miracle she deserves. Sending prayers!

  2. Mitzi Keairns 05/17/2013 at 9:34 pm #

    Hello Ms. J bird!! No feeling guilty…that’s an order! Of course you should have had your surgery so that you can get back to normal and not have to worry about that pain in your foot all the time. I am sure that Denny feels the same way and you will be here before you know it to help him out and make sure that everything runs smoothly. You are going to have a great and successful summer, but for right now just worry about healing up ans spending time with your mom. That is what is the most important thing in the world right now. Jamie and TJ will be here any minute and we have a great weekend planned!! My surgery got rescheduled for Monday so that too, is good news. I want to get it over with and get back to my regular little life ASAP! Hope that you have a good weekend too!!

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