Day 31, Holiday Island, ARK

14 May

Another Whew! day. Got a later start for my trip than I wanted. First it took me forever to get the house neatened and the car packed. It’s a hassle with the boot and the sandle walking back and forth on gravel. First I headed to Topeka to return that piece of crap Samsung Tablet. Apparently the issue was the internet wouldn’t stay connected so they traded me for a new one. I don’t have wireless at my Mom’s so I won’t know if it works better for a few days. Then off to Kevin’s Shell service station to fill up with gas and get a tail light. Of course one thing lead to another, they double checked to see if mu spare was full and it wasn’t so they took it out to fill it. When they did that, they discovered that there was a BIG mouse nest in the trunk. I could have felted a purse with all the nesting material. Kevin vacuumed it all out and I was finally on my way. Of course thinking that anytime a mouse would be crawling on my head. Uneveventful trip until I was passing a semi and there in the middle of my lane was a huge rubber pot, like as big as my car. Do I go in the ditch, go toward the semi, let the pick up behind me ram me from behind??? I maneuvereed and missed it with no incident, but it could have caused problems for others behind me.
I was planning on seeing my brother in Cassville on the way down. I got a little lost trying to get there and once there, I couldn’t find his street. You know why???? Because he doesn’t live in fricking Cassville, he lives in Monet. I had to call Denny to find that out. My brains were working pretty well for the past few days, but they made a detour today. I did finally make it to my Mom’s and I hope after a good night’s sleep I will be unscrambled once again.
Denny called this morning with an exciting campground story. We had a tent camper there last night. He said he couldn’t sleep so he got up and sat in his car for awhile to read. Next thing he knew, there was about a 300 bear crawling all over his car. He had cooked bacon for dinner and had put the pan outside and he also had food in his car. 2 BIG nos nos in Colorado camping. Nothing was damaged but the bacon pan did get licked clean. It’s a little early to have that hungry of a bear roaming around so we may have to call forest ranger on it.
That’s it for now.


2 Responses to “Day 31, Holiday Island, ARK”

  1. Kathy 05/15/2013 at 7:45 am #

    Bird – been thinking about you and wondering how things are going! Looking for your brother in the wrong city – lol. I think you need a bit of down time somewhat soon. All the best to you and Denny and on your continued journey. Hope the house showing is going well.

  2. Sandy 05/15/2013 at 2:36 pm #

    Thanks for letting Judy out to play a little! Looking forward to you guys being back in LV — hope the rest of the moving goes smoothly!

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