Day 26 and 27

10 May

Actually having a quieter day. I was up really late last night making little quilted projects. Even though I potentially could have burnt the house down, it was a good art day. I was making a microwavable bowl warmer. Apparently the microwave didn’t like my batting. I put it in the micro with a bowl in it and after about a minute I smelled something burning. Luckily it wasn’t in flames. I immediately got online and ordered some Warm Tater batting which should take care of that issue. My other project was making some of my cheery hot pads.
I’m trying to post some photos but I cant get anything to open. I’m struggling with this little Samsung today. I thought maybe it was getting low on battery so when I went to plug it in, the plug tongs were missing! The tongs are actually still in the outlet and all the way in. #$/&*(@#×% £€¥₩*&^$ Now I have to allow time to go into Best Buy and geg a new plug. Now if it is like the Nook Charger and you have to order online, I will have a @#$×/^&*(¥€£% cow. I hate the need to have different plugs for Iphones, Ipads! Nooks, Sky Caddies, Cameras, etc.
Was up early to neaten house for 10 am showing. Went to Eskridge and yakked with Erin and had breakfast at the cafe. I was going to get a couple of tootsie pops and all Erin had were chocolate and pomegranate. Yech. So when I kindly complained, she gave me a whole unopened box of tootsie pops for free!!
Denny is on his own since Dave and Sherry left today. He couldn’ t believe how much work they accomplished. Looking forward to seeing him and puppies in the morning. He’ll pick us up from train.
Thats it for now.


One Response to “Day 26 and 27”

  1. Sandy 05/11/2013 at 4:59 pm #

    can Denny come out for a bike ride Sunday at 8:00AM?!

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