Day 25 To Freak or not to Freak

8 May

Finally I have photos of our missionaries. Dave is painting the picnic table, Sherry is painting the posts and Mitzi and Linda are mopping and cleaning the game room. I think they are all exhausted. Tomorrow is Dave and Sherry’s last day. Diana is giving them massages in the morning and then they have a few things to do in the afternoon.
Okay back to freaking. I actually have freaked and unfreaked. Last night I realized that Denny wasnt able to get on the computer and put reservations in. I had Sherry scan some reservations to me. Tlaked to Judy late last night and we decided to take train out to La Veta and get things set up. Judys company, Simply Solutions, is going to be our accountants/website/quickbooks managers. Im so glad because I really want to start out on the right foot accounting wise.
So…have that all figured out. Got a sweet deal on the train. Since I’m handicapped right now, we got that rate plus we get to sit downstairs in the roomier chairs. % 15 discount and total cost round trip for both of us is $255. I like! We will leave Saturday morning at 12:30 am and co e home Sunday night at 6:00 pm. That is unless I decide to stay on for a few days. We have an issue because Tom, the previous owner, had his bladder cancer surgery Tuesday. what was going to be a surgery to remove 4 tumors from his bladder with no further treatment has turned into that he will need the chemo/radiation route maybe. Anyway, it looks like they will not be returning this weekend after all. I could actually stay out there but someone is supposed to be at house on the 15th to sign for moving trailer. Maybe I can do that ahead of time.
Today was crown day. The tooth was the last one on the lower right. Lots and lots of novacaine. When they went to squirt the cement junk in the space for a mold, the spout broke off and orange cement stuff went flying everwhere. I had it hanging off my face like whiskers. The assistant said I had a really strong tongue because she had a hard time holding it out of the way. I felt lkke it was blocking my airway. Anyways, I survived. After dentist, buying another comouter, grocery shopping and business meeting, I was totally ready to get off of my feet. Sibce I was in town driving, my foot got achy using the clutch.
I have been sedentary since I got home trying to figure out apps and techniques on this cute little Samsung Galaxy Tab .2. We will be able to use it in our business when we travel. It took me an hour to figure out photos which was making me frustrated. Once I figured it out using Drop Box, I am very happy.
I think that is it for now. Thunderstorms are rolling in so could be a noisy night. Thankfully I wont have to comfort Meeko. Speaking of dogs, they have been very bad. 2 days this week, they hopped on the counter and grabbed tootsie poos-3, ice tea bags-several, mail-didnt eat, and Dentastix dog treats-which Meeko had 5 of them in his mouth. Denny had quite the wrestling match to get those out of his mouth. Theyve been upset because they are a bit neglected and ther are other camping dogs in the park. They did get to spend the day in the f3nced yard today.
Storm is here.


One Response to “Day 25 To Freak or not to Freak”

  1. Kathy 05/08/2013 at 10:32 pm #

    Oh my Bird- what a day. Glad you survived the crown, even with the spewing of cement, and glad you unfreaked. You and Denny have so much on your plate right now, but you are getting it all done. Don’t forget to take a few minutes here and there to take some deep breaths! You are doing great, even with all the challenges!!

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