Day 23 and 24, Lake Wabaunsee and La Veta

7 May

foot stic h
Here’s what the finished product of a Plantafasciotomy looks like. Some bruising, a little swelling and just a few stitches. Have never had really bad pain since surgery except for the top of foot where bandage was rubbing a little nerve. That has now quit. I can’t believe how many people have foot problems that can be fixed. This was a surgery that I was told to never have. Some people get plantar fascitis and heel spurs and they come and go. Custom orthothotics usually do the trick, so does cortisone, so does physical therapy. Then if those things don’t work it becomes chronic. What the doctor told me was that everything in that area of my foot was hard, full of scar tissue and no amount of therapies was going to do anything. It is an issue I’ve had for a hear and a half. If you have a foot issue, bunions, hammer toes, whatever, I do believe that Dr. Galliano can help you. He is located in Topeka and was recommended to me by my Primary Care doctor. He took over Dr. Mahrle’s practice.
Okay, enough of the medical stuff. I am home. Chuck and Cindy brought me here yesterday afternoon. Am doing fine, actually drove to Eskridge with my driving boot on. No pain doing that at all. The pain came from standing in Post Office for 30 minutes getting something packed up. I’ve spruced up the house and now am going to do some sewing. I wish the house could be shown today when it is sunny and bright. It’s at it’s prettiest when it is like that. Our big maple tree is in full bloom in the backyard and the birds are all chirping. A few fisherman on the lake. Trying to stay positive about the speed of the house selling. It is in a unique spot and it just now when people begin looking at lake houses. Hasn’t been the greatest weather for looking here either.
Denny is still in full blown working like a crazed man. Dave and Sherry are there now and I think they had half the picnic tables painted yesterday and hope to finish today. Sherry also painted the game room walls and Denny says it is looking really bright. Today they were also going to work on the clubhouse and get it cleaned up. Mitzi is working on the bathroom floors which got all mucked up with our waxing job. I hope it isn’t too hard to get it cleaned up. I think that Kent and Kathy are coming there today to do some more painting. And we have already rented the baby camper for a couple of nights which is fun. I think those rental campers may be pretty popular. I finished getting the Ipad and the Square set up and sent it off to Denny this morning so he can begin taking cridit cards. He has some campers in there now and he said he took a check for $65 yesterday. We need a WHOLE BuNCH of them this summer. Can’t wait to be there.
I’m going to try and work on some things for the shop. Mainly quilted projects for a few days and then I hope to begin weaving this weekend.
Met with accountants for our business yesterday. I’ll meet with them tomorrow and we’re going to work on Quickbooks and other things. Also getting a crown tomorrow. Hope thats the last of the for awhile.
Omg. Couldn’t believe Dancing with the Stars last night and Len going ballistic. I thought he was going to have a stroke. Caught up on my recordings of Mad Men, Bates Motel and Army Wives. Bates Motel is sooooo creepy.
Off to do something productive.


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