Day 21 and 22

5 May

Still recouping at Cindy and thinking I’m not too difficult of a patient. Still surprised that I’m not more uncomfortable. Foot is still a little numb and the most discomfort is when I’m walking around.
Discovered a handy dandy item. Since I can’t get bandages wet, I bought some body wipes to use for a few days. (For those of you who know my aversion to showering because of dry skin issues, I will not replace showers with these) The wipes are mitts so it is really easy to use. They would be great for camping and outdoor outings.
Denny and I are feeling very blessed with help we are receiving from our friends. Cindy and Chuck have been great to let me stay with them. Judy for taking me to surgery and back to Cindy’s. Ron for bringing me in from lake. Kathy for bringing me in from lake this coming Wednesday for dentist appt. Linda for helping me out once I get home. Don and Mitzi for helping Denny at RV park. Kent and Kathy who are coming today to paint fences at RV park. Dave and Sherry who are driving from Kansas City to La Veta today to spend week with Denny painting 41 picnic tables and 41 posts. Several friends came over to Cindy’s last night and hung out. Even Billie who had an exciting afternoon dealing with a garage door that broke in half after being hit with one of their cars!
I’m anxious to get home and work on projects for my shop. Quilted things, woven things and notecards to start out with. Since the house is all packed I should have plenty of time.
Didn’t hear from realtor from house showing yesterday but there is open house today. I will just have to stay patient. I wish it was going to be a sunny day for the open house but looks like it will stay cloudy.
Feeling a little snoozy so that’s it for now.


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