Day 20

3 May

Today was surgery day in Lawrence. Ron brought me in from the lake to Judy’s. Then Judy took me to The surgery center. Surgery was at 10:30 and I was opening my eyes at 11:00!!!
My foot is bandaged and has blood on it and there is pain so I guess they did something but it sure was quick.
Now recuperating at Chuck and Cindy’s for 3 days. They were both gone for a few hours and my foot became extremely painful on the top. I had to call Judy up to come over and do some nursing. Turns out I shouldn’t have had my leg elevated with pillows under my knees.
Talked to Denny and he was pretty pumped up RV park,so pumped up I had to butt in to tell him my pain!!!! Our friend Don came over to park and painted the floor in the clubhouse. It’s cement and Denny said it looks marble. He was also excited about some more campers coming in next week for several days. Pretty exciting.
More exciting news. The house is getting shown tomorrow afternoon and they specifically asked to see our house!!! I’ll keep you posted.
Juli likes the alternative cancer treatment she is staying at. I love what her brother John wrote about her in the Caring Bridge.

Thank you prayer warriors for your prayers, but the battle continues! Juli told me that she has had so many doctors tell her that she does not look sick. I know that is because her soul-filled spirit is shining through despite her broken body of this world.

I know that Juli has prayed about this journey so many times since August 31 that she is one person who truly listens to divine intervention. God is leading her on a different path now for treatment.

Her belief is still very strong and powerful.


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