May 1, 2013 Day 18

1 May

Here it is. The day we become owners of Circle the Wagons RV Park. I wish the sun was shining instead of being really cold and sleety. We are getting ready to drive over to Walsenburg to do the closing. Very excited.
This morning Denny was able to finish screwing down the deck boards. I went into the game room/showers/laundry room. I was overcome with the need to cancel my surgery and stay here. The bathrooms are ready but there’s a lot of clean up to do in the building. I got on the phone and called my besty Mitzi and said HELP!!!! She came buy and we walked around and talked about what she could help Denny with next week. I did finish up some bathroom cleaning and waxed the floors. So, I’m still going home this afternoon on the train. Bless you Mitzi.
We had our first paying camper last night. A guy named Justin from Detroit. He was on his way to Yosemite where he works on the trail systems. We have a couple coming in tonight for 2 weeks.
Little frustrated that I can’t get the credit square to work. I have to leave it with Denny and there is a lady in town who can help out. Of course there is no phone contact so did send email requesting help.
That’s it for now. It has begun to snow and I am very here in the RV. I think I might arrive in Topeka with snow too. Where is spring this year?


One Response to “May 1, 2013 Day 18”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 05/01/2013 at 4:57 pm #

    Have a safe journey, my friend and do not worry too much about what you left behind. We will get it all spruced up. You just concentrate it getting that operation over with so that we can have lots of fun this summer!!! Can’t wait!

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