Day 17, new adventure

30 Apr

Another paperwork day for me, another building the deck for Denny. I started trying to get our EIN number at 7:30 this morning. I had the number at 9:40. Turns out the work I did yesterday actually worked but they lead me to believe that I had to reply. The morning ended up with me needing to call the IRS. After a long wait, 30 minutes, Mr. Garcia answered the phone. He was so great and helped me so much I wasn’t even grouchy to him. Next, Mitzi, Jumper and I took off for Pueblo. First stop to PetSmart for Jumper grooming. Then to the Dept of Revenue. I had everything I needed for Sales Tax number except a check or money order. Off we went to lunch first, then to find a money order place. AFter going to 2 banks who said no, we found a Loaf and Jug who had the money orders. We got the tax number and Jumper and headed home. Mitzi and I can talk nonstop from the minute we get in a car until we get out of the car and all the time in between!. Trips to Pueblo just zoom by. After I got home it was more time on the computer to get my surgery info setup online. How much do you bet when I get to the hospital I’ll have to fill out all the same info again.
Tomorrow is the big day. 2:00 pm we’ll sign papers. Then it’s off to the train in Trinidad. In the morning I hope to wax the floors in the shower building. Maybe a few other things to feel a little more helpful on the physical end.
Please look up at Juli’s page. There is a new post about her change of treatment. She is going to Sarasota to a place for 3 1/2 weeks for a holistic approach to her cancer treatment. It sounds positive and she feels really good about her decision.
We have actually tent campers in our campground tonight. Also have heard the bears are waking up and people are beginning to see them.

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