Day 15 & 16

29 Apr


We have traveled back to La Veta today. Kind of a long drive since we were pulling our little trailer. Also used a lot more gas. Could not believe how hot it was in western KS and into CO. In the 80’s. Pretty tired tonight. Had a full day yesterday of driving to Kansas City and playing golf at the Creekmore in Raymore, MO. What was supposed to be a day of sunshine and in the 60’s turned out to be cloudy, rainy and low 50’s. but..we ladies persevered and played all 18. It was very wet and smushy. We had to use cart path only which can be very tiring, especially with a sore foot. After we played, we had dinner at Appleby’s and then home at 9:30. Cindy, Betty, Gayle and I met up with Julie, Myra and Pat at the course. It’s a fun outing they do once a month. Will miss joining them, but maybe they’ll come out to CO and play sometime.
We left around 9 this morning. We were a little delayed because we had to make sure the house looked extra nice because there was a showing today. Now all I have to do when I get back is keep it tidy and make the bed. We arrived in La Veta,(I’m trying to not say “when we got to La Veta”)around 6:30. Luckily there was a place open to eat since we were famished.
Tomorrow I’ll be working with Tom on reservations. He says there are many to enter. Also hope to have website updates worked in also. Will make a trip to Pueblo to get our sales tax number. Lots to do. Trying not to feel too overwhelmed. When I do I say a little prayer and it seems to be working. That’s it for now.

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