Day 14, Friday, April 26

26 Apr

Finally, today we figured out how we were going to move our stuff to Colorado. I had asked for a quote from U-Pack-It a few weeks ago. Got a quote of $2601 to have a pod dropped off, stored for a month and then moved to Colorado all for that price. Thought it sounded too good to be true. After discussing it, we thought we would give that tactic a try. Talked to a guy today and he confirmed the quote. It’s actually a 28 foot long pod that fits on a truck. They will drop it off in our driveway and it will have a loading ramp. We scheduled it for May 15 and we will have a month to get it moved. Kind of depends on if house sells, how my foot heals up, if we need to hire some help. Speaking of that, you can hire 2 helpers for $500 to load the truck for you. Might even do that since they may know how to pack it better.
After getting that all settled, it was back to house work. Deep cleaned and the kitchen counter, sinks and under the sink. Also ran, for the first time, the little dishwasher that has always been here. It worked, thank goodness. I thought with some of our bad luck this week that it might spew water everywhere. It actually did a nice job and now I wish I would have used it more and saved my dishwater hands.
Denny spent a lot of time in the garage and also moved the boat under the rv port and moved the tiny camper in front of the garage so we can fill it with many items. Now let’s hope it doesn’t get a flat while driving to Colorado on Sunday.
The house looks really nice and I think it will show well.
Met Torrie and Larry at Puffy’s in Maple Hill for dinner tonight. It was fun and the meal was delicious. The last time we ate there was about 15 years ago with them. We had horrible service and a horrible meal and never thought we would ever go back. Glad we did.
Heading to our bathroom to do some cleaning and take a shower and hope once again to get to sleep by midnight. Have a big day of golf tomorrow. I meet at Cindy’s house tomorrow morning at 10:45. From there, we drive to Kansas City to play at Creekmore Golf Club. I think there are 8 of us playing so should be fun. Glad I get a chance to play with them all once before moving.
Prayers please for my niece Juli. She is praying hard for answers for her cancer treatment. She is considering some alternatives to the chemo. I’ve always told her I would back her with whatever decisions she makes. I can’t imagine being in the position that she is in. Going through brutal chemotherapy to try and shrink several liver tumors. She doesn’t feel well and she doesn’t want the chemo to get the best of her. They were only going to do 2 more treatments and if it looked like it wasn’t working, they would stop the treatment. She’s only 42 and has these 2 young children and I can’t imagine what it feels like to have your future looking bleak.
I pray that she comes to a decision that she is comfortable with and can do it and that whatever direction the cancer goes, that she feels like she did her best on how to conquer it.
That’s it for now.
HOuse goes on the market officially tomorrow. Cinday Manz is our realtor and her number is 785-806-788 Open House on May 5, 2013 from 1-3.

One Response to “Day 14, Friday, April 26”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 04/28/2013 at 1:21 pm #

    Hey J bird~ Can’t wait to see you! Call me when you get here and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you out. I am around this week and not working until Friday. Don left this morning for Washington, DC. He will be gone until Thursday so I am a free agent!

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