Day 13, Started out badly, but ended up nicely

25 Apr

Awoken by Meeko around 7:30 this morning. Hopped out of bed to let dogs out with all the intention of going back to sleep. I was intercepted by an extremely frustrated Denny. He was up early and thought he would get the tire off of the VW and also mow the lawn. First the special tool that is needed to remove the lug nuts broke before he could get them all off. So…he thought he would mow. The lawn mower was seized up. It had been sitting in the back of the truck for the last week and half in rain and snow. He tried pulling the rope and it wouldn’t move. This also hurt his shoulder. All of this happened before 7:30am. Off he went to Topeka to find new lug wrench and by a new lawnmower. I stayed up and began doing some more cleaning and packing up odds and ends. Down to one more day to have house looking all spic and span. Denny was able to get tire off of car and lawn mowed. After cleaning up, off we went back to Topeka for many errands. More boxes picked up, items delivered to Harley store, Denny getting his leg checked by dermatologist, and then I had to face the Motor Vehicle place to get some handicapped cards for the vehicles after my surgery. Got there at 4 and was out of there by 5. No cost for the cards which I was surprised and I get to have them for 3 months. Interstingly, while I was in there one of the clerks’ said “Hey if anyone needs there feet worked on, there is a doctor here who can do it”. I looked over at the man and it was Doctor Galliano who will be doing my surgery. I said “Hi Dr. Galliano, I”m getting my handicap card and you are fixing my foot Friday!”. Small world. Another errand I had to do was get a shoe that had a hight enough heel that will match the height of the boot I will be wearing. Accomplished that at Payless. We also purchased an IPad and a Square for the rv park. The Square is so cool and will enable us to use credit cards. The square is a little plastic thing that has a USB port and it fits on Iphone or Ipad. Now all I have to do is get it all set up. Not sure that will happen tonight. Tomorrow is the day we find out if we are going to use a POD to store our things in. I ‘ll make a few phone calls in the morning. After getting everything done, we headed back to the lake to take care of puppies and then drove over to Manhattan to have dinner with Lawrence. We at the COX BBQ. It was great BBQ and we all had ribs. Lots of meat and juicy and I liked the sauce a lot.
That’s it for now. May actually go to bed before 11. I get so confused of time since the TV is set on Colorado time still.

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