Day 12 I can see the end in site

24 Apr

clean studio

PHotos of loaded up garage and a clean studio.
Denny and puppies just pulled in from driving back from Colorado. We are now both sitting exhausted on the divan. He accomplished so much at the rv park. I can’t wait to see it on Sunday. He also had to deal with frozen pipes in the motorhome each morning, but it does look like it may start warming up. He did get rid of the soap scum in the showers and now everything will be fresh and sanitary for the start of the season.
After my weird issue with the vacuum yesterday, I ended up resting, snoozing and was in bed by midnight. I woke up at 7 and have been in the studio since 8 this morning. Cindy came over and moved several boxes for me which was a godsend. I was able to finish packing everything up except my loom and sewing machine. I hope to be able to do some weaving and sewing after my foot surgery.
Regarding the surgery, I began thinking how I was going to get there and get home and whether to stay in town our now, etc. First I called Judy K who is going to take me to the hospital and bring me back. Then I called Cindy N and told her I was having a major delimma. I told her I needed a place to stay where I didn’t have to use stairs and had a bathroom on main floor. I also told her that they didn’t have to stay and watch me, that I just didn’t want to be at the lake and then have to come back on Monday for post op appt. So. Cindy said they would be glad to put me up, especially after I told that her and Chuck didn’t have to come out and wash windows with me! My last dilemma was getting to Topeka on Friday morning. Diane came by to pick up some things and she said I could ride in with her husband on his way to work. Soooooooo….all dilemma’s taken care of.
Denny and I still have quite a bit to do before we head to CO on Sunday. We are going to load up the little trailer with several things and take it back with us. Also need to pack up his tools and also decide on how we are going to move our things to Colorado. So far, using the Pod system seems to be the most economical, but need to find out what size they are, etc.
A couple of other cool things. Our friends Dave and Sherry called Denny today and told them that they were coming to La Veta on May 5 and stay for a week. They are going to help Denny with several projects. How cool is that. Then I received an email from some rv friends we met in Texas. I replied to them about us buying the rv park and they sent it out to their rv friends and also commented about how the park gets good ratings, etc. That was very cool too. They plan on coming there on their way to Texas next year.
That’s it for now.

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