Day 11

22 Apr

Today is April 22, 2013 and is also the day that 31 years ago I quit smoking! I was 29? I’m 60 now substract 31, I think that is 29, but not sure?? Anyway, so glad that I don’t have that habit anymore and especially since the cigarette are soooo expensive now. Totally blows me away when I see the cost of them now. I was a 3 pack a day girl of Marlboro’s. Could still smoke at work, in hospitals having babies, restaurants, etc .
I’m thinking I’m going to survive this move. But…I don’t think that my back is going to let me pick up one more box. My friend and realtor Cindy called tonight and she and her husband are going to come over tomorrow and move some boxes to the garage for me. Roger is also going to try and take my rear tire off of my VW. Today I was about 2 miles from home on the way to Topeka, when I heard a horrible noise. Assuming it was a flat, I pulled over and all I could hear was the air coming out but couldn’t see anything. I slowly turned around and crept home. Luckily my neighbor Judy was home and she came out and offered me her car. You wouldn’t believe the huge object that is in the tire. Can’t wait to see what it actually is. I decided not to just freak out over the incident because I could have been in no man’s land where we have no cell service and could have been seriously stranded. After I got into Judy’s car and started driving to town, I called my friend Cindy to tell her I was coming for boxes. I told her I was in a van so we could put a lot of boxes in it. When I parked to get Cindy to get to get the boxes, I realized I wasn’t in a van. What the hell!!! I am totally getting fried. AFter getting boxes, I headed to Billie’s to give Kyler his birthday present. He is 8 years old today. Can’t believe how old the boys are getting! From there I headed to grocery store to stock up on food since I’ll be stranded for a couple of days. Then it was off to my doctors’ appt. I’m all set up for a May 3 plantar fascitis/bone spur/lengthen my tendon surgery on my left foot. Came home with a boot and a shoe boot to use when I drive since I have a clutch. Is there a possiblity that I may be done with cortisone shots and may be able to walk normally again and actually feel like walking/? I sure hope so.
Now I am home, have eaten a healthy meal and am ready to do some more packing. Trying to actually finish up rooms. I have the sun room done and laundry room. Tonight will be the den. Tomorrow will be trying to get the studio finished. That by far is my biggest challenge. I am on a crazy schedule. I’ve always been a night person and used to (until I met Denny) be able to sleep late in the morning. Right now I’m working until 1 am and then sleep until the someone calls and wakes me up which is either Mary or Denny.
Thankfully we have had some nice little showers today. Every bit helps our little lake. Denny has had to delay his trip home from Tuesday to Wednesday due to another snowstorm coming thru.
That’s it for now.


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