I counted back and I am now on Day 10 of new adventure

21 Apr


There are the breathtaking Spanish Peaks. How wonderful there is so much snow on them as La Veta, as much of the country is in a drought and needs many more snows to have plenty of water this summer. Denny took the photo this morning. He is progressing nicely on the projects at the rv park. He’s painted the game room building and has finished tearing down a deck on the front of that building.

I just finished cleaning the laundry room and mopping the floor in there. Big project today is the studio. My friend Kathy is coming over to help me do that today. It will be sad to pack up my woman cave because many of the things will have to stay packed for quite awhile. I know some of it is silly stuff but I can’t part with my motorcycle fenders that have my Alaska stickers all over it. I can’t part with my moose antlers or my grapevine Moose head. I can’t part with my little memories that I have all over my walls.

I feel a little less foggy today. Friday and Saturday I was almost out of it. I thought Friday was Thursday all day. Yesterday I just couldn’t get my mind cleared. I did take a break and go to my good friend Shelly’s wedding. What a wonderful ceremony it was. Shelly and I go back about 20 years. We had so many wonderful times together. Many, many walks discussing our issues with kids and men. Many fun Las Vegas trips and Girls in the motorhome trips. We haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together the last few years but we will always be dear friends. Hopefully she and John will be able to come out the Colorado with their horses.

Billie and Cade came out last night for a slumber party/sewing project evening/watch a scary movie which Cade wanted to do.
The sewing project turned into a nightmare. First, I sewed all the little square pieces together. Then it was discovered that I needed to sew little strip in between them. Second, we tear out all that work. Third, I sew the little strips in between the squares, (there are 25 squares). Take a break and start to watch the The Fog. About half way thru, Cade said it was getting too scary. Back to sewing. Next I have to sew long strips along the bottom of the connected squares. Billie decides that she would like to sew some of them. The first strip she sews to is on the wrong end. It is now 1 am. We give up, she is going to take to a lady she works with and let her finish it. I don’t think it can be torn out anymore because so much fraying was going on. Finally got to sleep about 2. Also, among this weird evening, we needed to make conqueso. When I opened the rotel can, it was only 3/4 full. It looked and smelled okay so we went ahead and made it. Of course, I have the thought of botulism in the back of my mind. So far we have felt no effects.

Back to work.


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