Day 6? I’m losing track of what day I’m on

19 Apr


It has definitely been a crazy couple of days. On Wednesday, in La Veta, the day started out cold and sleety. As the day progressed, the snow became heavier. We had many errands and a meeting with a lawyer. Still, so far, all of our paperwork seems to be in order and we should be able to close the end of the month. We were able to have lunch at the Deli and had saw many friends. It is quite the gathering place. After all of that, we decided we better head to Trinida early, which was a good idea. It took us 30 minutes longer to get there. We had a quick dinner and the train was on time. It then took Denny 2 1/2 hours to get back to the rv park and just in time because they did close Interstate 25. The train ride was unevenful except for the guy who was supposed to be sitting next to me never showed up. Apparently he had gotten on in LA but they hadn’t seen him all day.
I arrived at Topeka about 5:45 and after I got home, slept for about 5 hrs. Then off to the foot doctor in Topeka. His name is Dr. Galliano. Liked him very much. He did say he could fix my left. They even got me in soon enough so I can have the boot off before I head to Colorado. I feel so relieved. The surgery will be May 3. Open house will be May 4 for really perfect timing.
Just finished my most dreaded chore of cleaning the oven. Next project, the refrigerator, then vacuuming the wndow sills. Denny says he has been busy painting the game room building. Said the snow had stopped and should begin warming up. It’s a pretty sunny day here.


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