Day 4 and 5

16 Apr

Left the lake early Monday morning to head to La Veta. We were concerned about the winds and the did push us around some. Arrived around 5. My main job of the day was spending over 2 hrs on the phone getting our dish receiver hooked. Was successful.
I got little nervous butterflies as went we’re on Hwy 160 and could see the Spanish Peaks. It’s all finally happening.
We met with Tom and Darlene this morning. Also got a chance to look at the house again. Oh my goodness, there is a lot of work to be done, but we can do it. Denny has picked out his man cave room and I think he will put a lock on it so I can’t eventually take it over. Ther is another room for guests and another room which may be studio stuff. Also ther is a master bedroom. Tom and Darlene are going to be in the area so they will be helping us off and on during the summer. They would like to acquaint us to the campers.
Just returned from a visit to town to sign up for Art in the Park. Walked up a flight of stairs and was totally winded. Will definitely have to get used to altitude.
Now I have to sit back and be in the one day at time mode. Lots to do when I get back home. Thankfully I have a couple of friends who have volunteered to help me out next week.
Taking care of paperwork this afternoon. That’s it for now.


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